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Coming to DVD from writer Stephen Johnston and Lionsgate is the family adventure to save the world with C.I.APE.

Sam is the first chimp to work with the CIA and they need him now more than ever. Working with Bondi James (Sophia Alongi), Sam is the retriever and Bondi help guide him to what ever it is they need.

That’s when they discover that Alpha Dog (Skip Schwink) has plans to wreak havoc on the world. Working with Dr. Devious (Lucas Ross), their goal is to cause as much trouble as they possibly can! The one thing Alpha Dog does not have control over is daughter Rebecca (Madelyn Kientz) who just wants a normal life with her father.

Bondi is ordered to send Sam onto the island belonging to Alpha Dog and there he meets Rebecca. Being a sweetheart, Rebecca tells Sam that she will do whatever is necessary to stop her father and Dr. Devious. Bondi, who can see everything Sam sees, understands that she just wants a friend.

Before anything else can happen, Sam and Bondi kick into gear to make the world a safer place again!

Alongi as Bondi has a wonderful relationship with Sam and worries about her furry friend when there is a mission. Dealing with Alpha Dog is dangerous, but she makes sure to watch her friends front and back! Shout out to Gould as the voice of Sam for giving his character a sweet vocal disposition that translates into the CGI-chimpanzee.

Kientz as Rebecca just wants a normal life, not the island living bad guy life. Trying to get her father to understand that is a problem but making friends with Sam gives her the opportunity to make him see the light. Schwink as Alpha Dog is a big kid trying to be a bad guy. It is only when he is face to face with his daughter does a ‘normal’ side come out. He is entertaining to watch to say the least.

Ross as Dr. Devious is clearly not as devious as he would like to be but then again, being a devious scientist is a hard gig!

Other cast include Kenda Henthorn as Super Villain Henchwoman, Leah N.H. Philpott as Queen Evil, Angel Rosario Jr. as Chrome Dome, Christy Tate as Carol, Ginifer Ree as Evil Queen’s Henchwoman, Garrett O’Brien as Forehead’s Henchman, Christopher Watkins as Mustache, and Scott Gould as the voice of Sam.

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000-motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at

C.I.APE is a big cheesy on the laughs but I still laughed, so did my grandkids. There is something entertaining about evil bad guys who are not all the evil and good guys who are just that – really good guys. You add a chimpanzee into the mix, and you have a film that is just family entertainment for all.

We actually watched the film out in the back yard on a screen to give the family the feel of being at the drive in. Add popcorn and a huge air mattress and C.I.APE made a great closure to summer. Be prepared for giggles and adventure all in one film.

In the end – this is a job for C.I.Ape!



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