Starting this fall, the eligibility requirements for the US Family Health Plan (USFHP) are changing for new enrollees.

TRICARE beneficiaries who enroll in USFHP after Aug. 20, 2012 will lose their eligibility for the program when they turn 65 and be transitioned into TRICARE For Life. Under the new policy, beneficiaries 65 and older won’t be able to enroll in USFHP after Aug. 20, 2012.

Because the eligibility requirements are effective Oct. 1, 2012, new USFHP enrollees must submit their application by Aug. 20, to be enrolled before the requirements go into effect.

All current USFHP members, including those who enroll before Aug. 20, can remain in USFHP, regardless of age, until they no longer qualify for TRICARE coverage. However, if a beneficiary dis-enrolls from USFHP, the new rule applies if they wish to re-enroll at a later date.

USFHP enrollment will remain open to eligible active duty family members, qualifying surviving children and spouses who have not remarried, unmarried children up to age 21 or until age 23 for full-time students, retirees and their family members under the age of 65, and former adult dependent children whose sponsor’s status qualifies them for TRICARE Young Adult coverage. Beneficiaries can enroll at any time and coverage follows the 20th of the month rule.

USFHP is a managed care TRICARE Prime option offering comprehensive coverage at a low cost to beneficiaries. Beneficiaries enrolled in USFHP receive their care at one of the health care facilities belonging to USFHP member hospitals and health systems in their region. For more information on USFHP or to enroll go to or call membership services at 1-800-748-7347.



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