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Available on Digital from director Michael Mazzola and 1091 comes a look at straight forward revelations about CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND.

Dr. Steven Greer is a global authority on extraterrestrials who has previous works with Sirius and Unacknowledged and now founder of the Disclosure Project, brings this documentary to talk about shattering the bounds of secrecy of the ET phenomenon.

People seeing UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) is not a new phenomenon. What has been sightings spoken has turned into sightings being video’s with cell phones making it impossible to deny that, at the very least, something is happening in our world. Dr. Greer has submitted briefings to five presidents on the subject and with information that he has gathered.

While the government creates their own narrative based on fear, Dr. Greer wants to put the facts together in this brutally honest documentary. He believes that it is possible to create a relationship between humans and Extraterrestrials (ET).

This documentary brings groundbreaking video/photographic evidence along with the interviews of Princeton’s PEAR lab Adam Curry, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan and CIA’s Dr. Russel Targ. These interviews are as equally important as with what Dr. Greer has to share.

The most important is Greer’s story of being visited as a child and through learning joint meditation with the ET’s, he was able to create the CE5 protocol which allows goodwill telepathy inviting ET’s to know where the good guys are.

There is a CE5 retreat where Dr. Greer invites those who attend (for a fee of $2,500 to $3,500) to embrace the spiritual side that is capable of, if you will, calling aliens. The film is narrated by Jeremy Piven and reassures us that “scientists have known that The Force is real for a very long time”.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH TIME is a one hundred and twenty minute documentary that challenges what the government knows (or doesn’t know depending on who the president is) and refuses to deny in any way shape or form that aliens are a figment of our imagination or that they are coming here for only one purpose – war.

Now, being a believer in something bigger than ourselves, trust me when I say that on my family outings to the desert, there is nothing better than staring up at the beautiful and starry night sky and looking for something out of the ordinary. Any light, any flicker, anything that cements my belief in something I have never seen before.  

Along with that is the good and bad of it all. Hollywood has done an excellent job in scaring us with films like INDEPENDENCE DAY, ALIENS, COMMUNION and FIRE IN THE SKY but at the same time making us ‘awwwww’ ourselves with E.T. or MAC AND ME. Does that sway me one way or another? Maybe a tad because something tells me Travis Walton (FIRE IN THE SKY) didn’t have a pleasant experience by any stretch.

So, watching CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND, I was fascinated to listen to Dr. Greer’s assessment of it all. What I can say is that one thing is clear, Dr. Greer emphatically believes in everything he expresses to the viewer and he does so with considerable believability. That being said, like everything else in life, you must see for yourselves and decide.

In the end – it’s all about believing!



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