Comic-Con — Day Two

Oh goodness it seems that a warm up is all around this year’s Comic-Con, but that isn’t stopping anyone from partaking in everything! Today all the outdoor events went up and are running which means the fun has truly begun and with all the events moving into high gear, Friday, Day Two, is going to be even richer.

Let’s get straight into what panels are catching my eye!

First thing in the morning is Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” which will have a Q&A with Zach Callison who is the voice of Steven. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this show you certainly should.

For my granddaughter, I’m going to have to stop in to see the “My Little Pony” sneak peek at the rest of Season Six and the new “My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree” film that is being released this fall.

After a morning of animation I definitely must stop in to see Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion discuss Season Two of “Con Man.” Of course I am a Fillion fan and can’t wait to hear what he has to say because you can bet money it will be off the cuff and hilarious.

I am truly excited to see the “Nobility” screening with a truly amazing cast consisting of Doug Jones, Walter Koenig, Christopher Judge and Darren Jacobs for starters. In Ballroom 20 I can pretty much guarantee that getting a seat is going to be rough because of the FOX series “Bones” saying its final goodbye to fans and Comic-Con ending their amazing 12-year run.

“The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers: It’s Morphin Time!” is a new comic series based on the ’90s live action children’s series that are going to bring lots of people in costume to see what is new and morphing.

If you can believe it, it has been 20 years since the first “Resident Evil” and now a celebration with the panel will treat fans talking about the series that has become iconic.

Wondering what’s happening in Hall H? Well, AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” makes it’s appearance with cast Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, Alycia Carey, Lorenzo Henrie, Mercedes Mason and Colman Domingo along with Robert Kirkman and Gale Ann Hurd to discuss where the series left off in May.

If you have time and zombies are not what you are looking for there is always “Space Command: Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space” with Doug Jones, Bill Mumy, Bob Picardo, Bruce Boxleitner and Christina Moses.

Looking for adult animation? How about [adult swim]’s “Robot Chicken” and a behind-the scenes look at footage from the series. Later in the day the animated series “Samurai Jack” gives fans a look behind the silk screen to the adventure that captivated me years and years ago.

Of course the CW is bringing “The 100 giving” fans a peek at what comes next after the last season’s finale. With the defeat of ALIE and The City of Light in ruins there is not a moment to waste as the radiation level continues to rise.

AMC puts their zombies back to back as “The Walking Dead” makes its way to Hall H to a frenzy of fans who want to the answer to the biggest question at the end of the last season — who did Negan take out? Now you know no one on the panel is going to give it away but it is certainly fun trying. Let me tell you this much, with each cast member being introduced to the panel, the screams can make you go deaf for a bit so prepare!

No one is going to leave Hall H because the next panel is equally as intense as HBO brings “Game of Thrones” to the stage. The end of the last season has left fans totally shocked because the players may have changed but the game is still the same.

STARZ also brings their new series “American Gods” to fans that have become excited about what this cable network has been bringing. STARZ brings the cast together to preview this new highly anticipated series.

A&E returns to SDCC with “Bates Motel” bringing Vera Famiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot and Nestor Carbonell to answer questions and reveal exclusive content for the new season.

Since starting off the day with animation it only seems fair that I finish my day the same way! “Bob’s Burgers” returns with the vocally comical cast and a panel that is going to be loaded with double entendres and footage that will make your friends jealous.

“Southpark” returns for it’s 20th season (yes, I said 20th — do you feel the grey?), Chris Hardwick will be hosting the panel discussing the 267 episodes and do what Comic-Con does best, give fans a sneak peek to the new season.

It must be said that SDCC would not be SDCC without the FX series “Archer.” H. Jon Benjamin who voices Sterling Archer, Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane, Jessica Walter as Malory Archer and more will tempt fans with laughter and what is to come in the new season.

Also on the list of ‘must-see’ is WGN America series “Salem,” the CW series “iZombie,” the highly anticipated new FOX series “The Exorcist,” the return of “Scream Queens.”

Another panel that is going to be absolutely crowded is HISTORY’s “Vikings” and yes, before you even ask, Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar will be there along with Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard, Alyssa Sutherland and Alexander Ludwig. HISTORY brings a look at the new season coming soon.

Finally, da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… the SyFy film “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens” will be biting fans as Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Tommy Davidson, Ryan Newman, and Stacey Dash return for the next installment coming to our television screen on July 31. Get downtown and sink your teeth into the sharks roaming the streets of downtown looking for their next victim!

And people wonder why I’m exhausted when SDCC finishes up on Sunday! This is just what is available for fans on Friday so can you imagine Saturday? Well you should. I will make sure to let you know what’s coming and will share with you outside events that are happening before SDCC wraps up on Sunday.



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