Disney Store reopens in National City to delight

This weekend in Plaza Bonita in National City, the Disney store had an amazing opening that brought out kids and their parents to enjoy something very special. Over 500 guests received a gift in the form of the iconic Mickey ears and the squeals of delight could be heard over and over again.

Walking into the store I was immediately captivated. Of course I brought my family so my granddaughter could experience it as well. It was immediately clear that she recognized all her favorite characters in the form of Olaf from “Frozen” along with Anna and Elsa, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and her newest delight Arlo and Spot from the animated film “The Good Dinosaur.”

The store itself is colorful, interactive and just plain cool. It was a pleasure to talk with Jennifer Ogilvie about the store and its connection to National City itself.

Hello Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to tell us all about the new store here in Plaza Bonita. Can you tell us more about the new store?

This is an Imagination Park store and if you look at the floor you’re standing on right now it is a Pixie Path and created by Tinker Bell herself. See how it sparkles? We also have these imagination trees and if you notice we have quite a few characters living in the leaves. Can you spot some of them?

Yes, I think I see Peter Pan, Snow White and Mickey Mouse!

Yes, there is also Maurice the Cat and Pinocchio as well. If you notice in the middle of the store we have another tree along the Pixie Path and at the end who do you think you see?

I think I’ll find Tinker Bell.

You got it! We also have special features in our store. There are wall vignettes that are actual locations in this city. The store each have these and are city specific. In our store we have Eric and Arielle next to the bay.

Well, she does have a thing for water.

Absolutely she does. Then we have the National City Depot which was the first depot in the United States that went from this side of the country all the way to the other side. This vignette is of the Olivewood Ranch and is actually a 360 degree area. It is now the Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center where kids can go and learn. Here in the store we have an interactive theatre. Guests have the ability to change the music inside the theatre, the shows, the cartoons and sing-a-longs. We have put the choices into their hands. Music is controlled by the Cast Members here in the store for special occasions like birthdays, un-birthdays and special events. It is a lot of fun!

That is fun for families.

Absolutely! We also have vignettes of Kimball Park founded by Frank Kimball and his brother. We have the railway depot done and the front car is the actual car owned by Frank Kimball.

There is such a rich history here mixed with Disney.

The last one is the Steele-Blossom House and it’s now a wedding shop. It is bright blue so driving by you can recognize it.

It’s amazing to make it a bridal shop, the house is so elegant.

Yes, it is.

This store is really beautiful, colorful and more importantly fun!

The store is technologically advanced and we can do events now. Usually three to five times a week and anyone can call the local store and find out when the events are. (For National City store visit http://stores.disneystore.com/ca/national-city/524/) The events can be Story Telling to Drawing Events and more. It’s really interactive with the guests so that they all can have fun.

I can see already families together at the theater watching Elsa sing ‘Let it Go’ and coloring at the table. Disney always seems to bring everyone together to be a little bit of a kid with their kids.

Our motto is “kids of all ages” so we really try to encourage that.

Well thank you for encouraging us all Jennifer.

You are so welcome Jeri, have a magical day!

And she really means it! The new Disney store has so much to offer families that are out for a day of shopping at the mall. Taking the blue Pixie Dust Trail there is so much to see at the Disney Store Theater and Storytelling.

There is every character you can imagine and trust me when I say everyone there could imagine a lot. From favorite animated films, live-action films and from the world of Marvel and Star Wars – there is something for everyone.

Come and visit Westfield Plaza Bonita at 3030 Plaza Bonita Road, National City, California, 91950. To reach the Cast Members for event please call 619-470-3391. The store is open from Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.



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