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Coming from writers/directors Daniel Woltosz, Walter Woltosz and Gravitas Ventures is the nightmare of what can happen so DO NOT REPLY.

Chelsea (Amanda Arcuri) is a young girl who is constantly in the shadow of an older, more outgoing cheerleading sister. Trying to find her own friends, she ‘meets’ Brad (Jackson Rathbone) on the internet and he is interested in becoming friends which appeals to Chelsea.

Unfortunately, she uses the phone during class, and it is confiscated brining mom Mia (Ivon Milan) to school to deal with it. Getting her hands on another phone, she agreed to meet Brad at a Halloween party dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit.

Chelsea is not there long before she passed out and wakes up in a basement chained to the floor. Every young girls’ nightmare has come true, Brad is not what he poses to be and now she’s trapped. Shocked to learn there are other girls in the house as well, Brad’s story of Sadie (Nikki Leigh) unfolds and it is even more than Chelsea could have ever imagined.

She must stay calm and one step ahead of his plans!

Arcuri as Chelsea is a young girl looking for someone to care about her and goes about it in the most dangerous of ways. That is what the current technology has done, cause young women to become targets for predators. As Chelsea, Arcuri immediately starts to assess her situation and find a way out of it. It comes at a high price as well.

Rathbone as Brad has serious issues as his story slowly starts to unravel. Chelsea isn’t Brad’s first victim but she sure was going to make sure she was the last. Rathbone is charming until rules are broken, memories flood his characters twisted mind and Brad’s trust is shattered. Rathbone gets a chance to use that boyish smile on the audience that quickly turns to not-so-charming when tested.

Heather (Kerri Medders) is someone else trapped in Brad’s home but her story is a tad different and so are her reactions to what is happening. Medders plays a victim that trusts her surroundings and isn’t pleased with Chelsea’s arrival. Leigh as Sadie gets a chance to tell part of the tale, but it is one that makes Brad’s behavior even more unpredictable.

Other cast include: Elise Luthman as Heather, Ashlee Fuss as Tina, Courtney Henggeler as Laura, Kaitlyn Black as Victoria, Curran Walters as Dylan, Savannah Kennick as Kristina and Thom Gossom Jr. as Dr. Hunts.

Gravitas Ventures is a worldwide film distribution company that connections the global audience of over a billion people. Celebrating 15 years, they have had the honor to collaborate with thousands of artists to share important films. Gravitas was one of the first companies to develop a global network of digital media platforms like Video on Demand with a simple mission to deliver ideas that could bridge filmmakers to audiences. For more of what they have to offer please visit

DO NOT REPLY is a horror film but it is also a story that is heard time and time again about the young kids behind taken by people pretending to be their friends on the internet. The film gives us a horrifying look at Chelsea but equally horrifying is the fact that this is not far from reality.

That being said, on the film side of it, this is a game of cat and mouse, of who can outsmart who and what it takes to get out alive. There is plenty of suspense absolutely and a few moments of obviousness but that can be overlooked when the story does not stop its pace from beginning to the last frame – which will give the viewer some satisfaction.

Rathbone gives us a chilling and twisted character and Arcuri has a moment where her choice makes the jaw drop. The question then becomes – what will you do to survive?




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