DONALD TRUMP: Clown or Crown?

“I come to praise Caesar, not bury him,” to inverse Shakespeare’s Mark Antony.

I’ve used this quote to express my personal feelings about Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump has brought to the forefront most of the thoughts and feelings of many people here in the United States — he just does so in very politically incorrect fashion.

Most politicians are fearful of losing voters by speaking out against the problems that are on the minds of the majority of Americans. This includes illegal immigration, radicalized Muslims, racial divisions, purchase of firearms and policing of our cities, which includes white, black and Hispanic police officers.

Mr. Trump does not believe in using a teleprompter, but maybe he should. His style of shooting from the hip — or should we say, shooting from his lips, has created many problems that he claims are just a misunderstanding or a negative bias by television networks and newspapers.

When he made the statement that Mexican immigrants had committed crimes of rape, drug trafficking and criminal violence against American citizens, he forgot to use the words ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This was a mistake, and the backlash will cost Mr. Trump a lot of Hispanic votes if he becomes the Republican candidate for the presidency.

He wasn’t wrong, though. Just after he made those comments, Kathryn Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who was supposed to be deported.

When he made the statement that he would bar all Muslims from entering the United States legally, he should have made it clear that he was against Syrian refugees that have flooded Europe — some of which may be ISIS terrorists.

Our own FBI says they cannot be vetted, and Mr. Trump’s proposal isn’t far off from that offered by Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to halt immigration from Muslim nations with jihadist movements.

We must remember that all it takes is just one or two terrorists to kill hundreds of Americans.

The thought of having a career politician becoming our next president is disastrous in the minds of many Americans. We’ve seen over the last two decades what politicians have done to America. We’ve lost thousands of jobs, some have lost their homes and the financial future of our country, our children and grandchildren is abysmal!

So if Mr. Trump wins the crown of presidency, it will be no surprise to many of us who realize we cannot put up with the Democrats and Republicans that are in bed together.

But to get there, Mr. Trump may need to refine his proposals and think before he opens his mouth.



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Richard Matz

Richard T. Matz is the publisher of the Military Press. Send feedback to