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Sunday, the final day always seems a little bit more relaxed when gathering my things to head over to Hall H. Everyone is heading to the convention center to get the last-minute collectable, see friends one more time before heading back to where ever they have journeyed from, get pictures taken with kids who are spending their Sunday meeting their favorite super heroes or characters.

Me? Well, I’m back to Hall H for two of my favorite television shows and both from the fantastic FX channel. This morning it is the return of MAYANS M.C. and the vampire comedy WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS.

The crowd is told some good news when Elgin James announces that the motorcycle club drama is being given the green light for another season. That’s good news considering we have to know who is responsible for blowing up the warehouse that EZ says in the final episode of season four is ‘the clubs legacy’. The entire cast is not only excited but a few tears of joy were shed.

The panel, along with Elgin James, consisted of J.D. Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Danny Pino, Sarah Bolger, Emilio Rivera, Michael Irby, Raoul Truillo, Frankie Loyal, Gino Vento, JR Bourne, Vincent Vargas, Emily Toasta, and Vanessa Giselle. Each and every one spoke on their experiences working on MAYANS MC and, most of all, thanking fans for its continual success and, from my perspective, it felt absolutely sincere.

James says of the show, “And every single member of the Mayans family, from our top of the call sheet to our set Pas and every single person in between have put their blood and sweat into making MAYANS something special on the set and on the screen. I’m deeply indebted to John, Eric, Nick and all of the FX and particularly Colette Wilson who’s been in the trenches with us from day one for allowing us to continue to explore and create.”

The last episode of the season left us with EZ taking over the top dog seat, Bishop in a shocked second and Padrino walking away from a club he was trying to keep alive. With the last battle in their own ranks, the vote to go to war with the Sons of Anarchy is ahead. Now, the we are all going to have to take sides!

“Kurt Sutter and I talked about how EZ has this path. The universe was going to spit him out back where he belongs – that was always going to be his fate.” James talked about EZ never knowing if he was in or our because we all saw the mistakes he was making yet still rising in the ranks. “That’s what he’s doing now with the club where there are egos in the way like Bishop and Angel, and I don’t say ego in a negative way.”

Bishop spent the season licking his wounds and Angel spent the season going in and out of love and sadness as his own family starts to change his feelings toward life. But, EZ, well, EZ has the look of a man that is either going to succeed in taking down SAMCRO or, well, lets leave it at that. There will be more on this in a longer article once I have recovered from Comic Con, hey, a girl has got to get some beauty sleep here!

Attendees are told as well that their gift ticket is none other than a MAYANS MC t-shirt and trust when I say that it is the first best nightshirt in my 2022 collection for Comic Con this year.

Next up, the FX hilarious comedy WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS. The cast panel included Executive Producer and writer Paul Simms, Executive Producer and writer Stefani Robinson, Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen, Mark Proksch and Kristen Schaal (who cracks me up EVERY time).

Starting out watching an exclusive screening THE NIGHT MARKET, Simms teases that it is the biggest episode yet. That’s fine by me because it had me giggling for half an hour. The process was “Lot of hours of twiddling with my sword and playing with my sword and putting my sword up against Harvey’s sword. Take that as you will, my fellow Nandermo lovers”. The crowd loved it!

Demetriou as Nadja, talks about the hottest vampire club saying, “The reason we have the nightclub is because they’ve seen me dance. When you see a talent like that, you have to use it.” What the audience doesn’t know at this point is that the Comic Con gift from WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is a tee-shirt with Nadja’s outline and club on it, suitable for becoming the next best nightshirt in my collection.

Simms says that future episodes including the gang in one room and a ‘boys weekend’ which is going to be epic when you think about it. Other tidbits are teasing that viewers are going to meet Guillermo’s family while he tries to find love. WHAT WE DO IN THE SHAWDOWS is on FX and can be seen Tuesday nights with new episodes and streaming the next day on Hulu.

That, my friends, is how I ended my journey through San Diego Comic Con International 2022 at the convention center in San Diego. There was excitement, surprises, trailers, talent and things to do walking around downtown to welcome back fans after a two-year absence. Comic Con did their utmost to protect attendees and with that, masks became part of costumes and it worked!

It a joy to see friends once again, reconnect with our fellow attendees and the excitement that we will once again come back to San Diego Comic Con International in 2023!

See you then!



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