Job hunting can be a frustrating experience. Many times you can apply for what seems like the perfect job only to never hear back. With most open positions receiving an overwhelming number of applicants these days, it’s extremely important to set yourself apart from the pack.

The most essential part of landing an interview is your résumé. Often your résumé is the only representation of you a hiring manager has. Typically, employers don’t spend more than a minute or two looking over a résumé — a small amount of time to make a great impression.

“Landing an interview for the job you want is hard enough, especially now with so many people going after the same position,” says Michael McAuliffe, President of Family Credit Management, a non-profit consumer credit counseling service. “If your résumé contains flaws, from poor choice in wording to an overly-complicated format, then your chances of getting a call go from slim to none.”

Give yourself every chance possible to get the job. Make your résumé stand out among the crowd by following these four tips.


A misspelling or grammatical error on a resume could lead to your résumé getting tossed out at first glance. Use spell check and have a friend or family member look it over as well. You never know where an error could be lurking on the page.

Get Expert Help

Expert résumé review, such as the service offered by Family Credit Management, can be an invaluable resource for any job-seeker. Seasoned hiring professionals look over résumés to correct any mistakes and offer advice as to how the résumé can be improved and be better received by prospective employers. Some companies charge for this service, but non-profits like Family Credit Management offer their expertise for free.

You can e-mail to get feedback on your résumé and cover letter. You can also find contact information and more information about Family Credit Management’s services at

Be Appropriate

A major red flag for hiring managers is an inappropriate email address. You don’t want to be remembered as a joke, you want to stand out for your abilities. “With free email services like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, there is no reason not to have a generic email address consisting simply of your name,” says McAuliffe.


Hiring managers need to be able to quickly find the information that matters most to the position. Using an unusual format could cause some of your accomplishments to get lost in the jumble. Make it as simple as possible for the hiring manager and stick with a traditional format.

So take good care of your résumé. It is the first step to landing the job you want.



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