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Coming from director Sean Cisterna and Samuel Goldwyn Films adapted from Ken Cancellara’s novel Finding Marco, comes the story of a man who did not know how to start over until he began FROM THE VINE.

Marco Gentile (Joe Pantoliano) is not happy with life and in one sweeping moment walks away from his job in Toronto. He decides to go to his grandfather’s house in Acerena, Italy to recapture memories and see if he can find his footing. What he finds instead is that Nono Gentile’s house is taped off and someone else is keeping an eye on the run-down vines.

Spending a few days walking the streets he remembered as a kid, he gets a wild idea to revive the Gentile vineyard and awaken the town. Back at home, wife Marina (Wendy Crewson) and daughter Laura (Paula Brancti) are not happy with Marco’s absence.

What is actually going on is that Marco decides to ask neighbor Marcello (Tony Nardi) to help him get the wine making business back up and running. In turn Marcello suggests that hiring the locals might just bring a little more life back into the town.  In Toronto, Marina notices money missing, and Laura is about to have a fit feeling her father has abandoned the family.

Wasting no time, Marina and Laura hope a flight to Italy and discover what has been happening. At first, they are reluctant, then something begins to change in both of them. Has the wine or the beauty of Italy captured their hearts?

Anything is possible with a good glass of wine!

Pantoliano as Marco is a man just trying to find something to give his heart a jump start. Returning to Italy, he begins to remember what life was like this is grandpa Nono and what the vines meant to him. Taking a chance on his memories and with the help of a few unexpected friends, Marco is happier than he ever thought he could be. Pantoliano is delightful, funny and endearing and that I want in a good-hearted story.

Nardi as Marcello knows the land and loves the vines. Marco discovers that he has been tending a patch of the vine for years, so he knows what it needs. At first the idea isn’t appealing, but Marcello also finds his heart full of what is growing once again. Nardi is very funny in his standoffishness and charming to the last.

Crewson as Marina cannot understand what is going on with her husband until she discovers what he has been doing. Once she goes to Italy, sees her husband light up talking about his grandfather’s legacy, she settles in and takes it all in. Brancti as Laura is a hardheaded daughter who doesn’t take things lightly and is very opinionated. Once in Italy, she too is taken in by what she sees around her and finds herself helping her father whether she intended to or not.

Shout out to Tony Nappo as Enzo, the crazy comic relief who does not seem to have a purpose at first but discovers perhaps people are not so bad after all.

Other cast include Marco Leonardi as Luca, Franco La Presti as Gio, Kevin Hanchard as John, Rita del Piano as Amelia, Sonia Tully as Barbara, and Frank Moore as Gordon.

Samuel Goldwyn Films is a major, independently owned motion picture company that develops, produces and distributes innovative feature films and documentaries. The company has dedicated itself to world-renowned and emerging writers/filmmakers with such stories as SUPER SIZE ME, SWEET COUNTRY, MAPLETHORP and THE PARTS YOU LOSE. For more of what they have to offer please visit

FROM THE VINE is a charming look at not so much starting life over but remember a time when you knew who you were and where you came from. Marco needed to know that and what a change it made in his life. It might seem a tad selfish at first, but the family soon comes to see that this particular chance-taking was meant to be.

The cast is wonderful, and the cinematography is stunning. Italy is one of those places I hope to someday see so I payed close attention to the houses, streets, shops and the people who keep these small towns alive with culture and history.

Director Sisterna says, “Some of my all-time favorite motion pictures begin with the iconic Samuel Goldwyn Films logo. Our cast and crew are beyond thrilled that FROM THE VINE can be a bottle of fine way amongst the collection of gourmet Goldwyn meals!”

So, FROM THE VINE is most definetly worth of a moment when looking for a relaxing Saturday or Sunday afternoon film that is just delightful. It is about family, friendship, love, dreams, expectations and a bit of the magic we have in us all called believing.

In the end – the grape never falls far from the vine!



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