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Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital from director Mark Williams and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the story of an HONEST THIEF.

Tom Dolan (Liam Neeson) is looking for a storage unit when he is taken with Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh). A year later they are still going strong, but something is bothering Tom. He has a past that he’s trying to steer clear of, but Tom knows it is time to face it.

Calling Sam Baker (Robert Patrick) at the FBI, he confesses to a crime and makes certain requests when they come and get him. Waiting and waiting, he calls again and speaks to Baker’s partner Sean Meyers (Jeffrey Donovan) who passes the file down to John Nivens (Jai Courtney) and partner Ramon Hall (Anthony Ramos) to follow up on.

When they get to Tom’s hotel room, they hear his story and go to check it out. Finding that the story is true, Meyers and Hall hatch a plan of their own and their boss is caught in the crossfire. Tom realizes that instead of clearing his life, things just got more complicated and Annie could be in danger.

That is when Tom decides that no one is going to hurt the woman he loves or get away with taking his chance of a life.

He is determined.

Neeson as Dolan is a man who has done something illegal and knows that the time is coming to face it. When he does, it is because a woman has come into his life and he does not want to go one step further without clearing everything up. As an action star, Neeson has proven himself time and time again and with good films being hard to come by, HONEST THIEF is 99 minutes of a straight story with solid action and Neeson carries it well.

Walsh as Annie is a woman who embraces her relationship with Tom. Not knowing about his past is what is going to cause her to be in danger. Once she knows what is happening, she does not hesitate to stand by her man. Patrick as Baker is not thrilled with Tom’s continual phone calls wanting to confess and his first mistake is passing off the file. It is nice to see Patrick in the film.

Courtney as Nivens is a cop who is as bad as he wants to be. Not seeing an issue with the problems, he and partner Hall keep creating, he continues to take it one step further than it needs to go. Courtney has the ability to give bad all the badness it needs. Ramos as Hall is Nivens partner that has every opportunity to stop what is coming but instead falls is swayed by fear.

Donovan as Meyers is a cop who is furious about Baker and wants Dolan found, and found immediately. When he finally has a chance to meet Dolan, he realizes something is not right with everything that is happening. Donovan can do both a good and bad character and I like his ability to do both extremely well.

Other cast include and Beth Hall as Jasmine, Lewis Wheeler as ER Doc, Jose Alves as Jose, Patty O’Neil as Sharon and Tazzie as Tazzie.

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HONEST THIEF is a wild ride of a story that does not let up from start to finish. The plot is not complicated, but it is fun to watch unravel. Neeson continues his roles as a man looking for redemption but there is always someone in his way. That means he is going to make it clear that no one is going to get away without paying a price.

As I said, this is a 99-minute thrill ride that is a nice break from the world around us and a fun way to bring in the New Year. So, buckle up and remember Dolan isn’t about to sit around and let someone else dictate his past sins!

In the end – never steal a man’s second chance!



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