You’ve often heard the adage that it is important “to save for a rainy day”—a good piece of advice whether your “rainy day” is your children’s education, your retirement, or simply a precaution for some future emergency. If you are judicious enough to set something aside regularly, in today’s world you are faced with another difficulty—what form should your savings take. “Mattress money” is hardly the answer but if you put your money in the bank (in the form of a savings account, a C.D. or a money market fund) or invest in bonds, the interest paid seldom even covers the rate of inflation which means that over time you are actually losing money. The volatility of the financial markets makes stocks a dangerous option and even everyone’s favorite solution—owning a house—no longer gives you the security you need.

There is however a more intelligent way of preparing for the future and it is what we at Pacific Coin Exchange call Smarter Assets. Smarter Assets are physical assets that can protect your savings in times of social, political or economic crisis. More specifically we are speaking of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium which you can physically own and keep safe. Not only have gold and silver passed the test of time (humans have used them as currency for over 5000 years) but vintage gold and silver American coins have outperformed virtually every other financial instrument over the past 30 years. And certain coins are even eligible for inclusion in your qualifying IRA or 401k retirement account. We at Pacific Coin Exchange recommend a mixture of bullion and vintage coins but feel free to call us or stop by our store in Carlsbad to speak to one of our Wealth Preservation Specialists so that we can start you on an investment program to meet your specific needs.

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