This article is a basic I-Ped Folding Bike Review which includes some of the basic benefits and features of the I-Ped Folding Bike. After reading this review you will be able to decide if this is the right folding bike for you.

The I-Ped folding bike is a foldable bike that you can literally take anywhere. It is an innovative product that is ideal for individuals who want to own a bike but have limited storage space at home.

Based on reviews and product descriptions, i-Ped folding bike is highly recommended for those who are living in condominiums, apartments, studio flats, dormitory rooms and any other premium properties. So if you happen to live in any of the spaces mentioned above and you have limited space yet you still want to own a bike, you would absolutely benefit from this take-anywhere foldable bike.

Indeed, with this choice of bike, storage space is not a problem at all. One of the main concerns that people have with bikes is their transportation and storage. With the i-Ped folding bike, it is pretty much obvious that these two issues will not be problems at all.

The reason for this is because this highly-innovative bike can be folded down with ease so you can fit it in your automobile trunk for easy and convenient transport. It also has a durable frame that is made from high quality steel ? just like a typical bicycle, only it is foldable and more practical. It is a perfect investment for people who love to bring a bike whenever they go for out-town-vacations and weekend outdoor adventures.

The I-Ped folding bike is very compact for hassle-free storage. In fact, you can keep it inside your closet, broom cabinets, store rooms or anywhere in your house where an extra small space is available. It is the perfect solution for those who dream of having a bike but do not have enough space left at home.

Moreover, its foldable feature does not limit or affect it’s performance or over-all function as a bike. This means that you can enjoy owning a bike without having to worry about where to store or keep it. You can even choose to take it with you anywhere you go and just keep it right in your vehicle’s trunk so that you can have a wonderful bike ride whenever you feel like enjoying the outdoors. Your bike can always be on the go!

This awesome and well-built folding bike features a 6-speed Shimano gear component and Kenda 26-inch tires. It also has aluminium wheels with chrome spokes, hand-controlled brakes (front and rear) and steel fender.

Other features include a hand bell ringer (for pedestrian traffic on bike lanes), reflectors for safety purposes, luggage rack and a kick stand. It has all the features that anyone can ask for in a bike plus the added convenience of storage and easy transport. Furthermore, it is also very easy to use. Instructions on how to fold and store this bike are provided by the manufacturer.



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  1. Anonymous
    July 2, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    This bike is unsafe. The short distance between handlebars and the seat make it unsafe for an adult. Also the rear brakes do not stop forcing a you to fall in a panic stop

  2. David
    June 29, 2014 at 9:06 am

    I think the bike is great, im 5’11 and I have no problem getting on the bike the comment left earlier was from a person who was probably bowlegged, who knows? All I know is ididnt have any issues, anyone that owns a bike should know how to adjust brakes, if they don’t they have no business owning one

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