All Our Tomorrows

Heir Book 1

Catherine Bybee

Montlake Pub

June 18th, 2024

All Our Tomorrows intermingles the romance genre with family fiction. Readers will not be disappointed in this first book of the series.  Per usual, Catherine Bybee provides poignant and bittersweet moments where readers will have a roller coast of emotions: laughing, crying, and worrying right along with the characters. This one has emphasis on relationships: family, corporate business, and personal.

The book opens with the funeral of Aaron Stone who has been estranged from his children, Chase and Alexandra (Alex) all their lives. They are shocked to find out that he has left his multibillionaire business to them, but also that they have a half-brother who shares the inheritance.

Desperately needing help in understanding and digging into their father’s business and personal accounts, Chase reaches out to his father’s recently terminated (without cause) executive assistant, Piper, who he rehires with a raise.  They spend a lot of time together to research the company and to find hints on where to locate the brother. As the attraction grows, Piper is trying very hard to keep her distance since she is pregnant with another man’s child. Until she blurts out to him the secret.  The relationship takes off from there.

Bybee fans will also enjoy finding some old characters in the story.  Jack, Jessie, and the father Gaylord play a somewhat prominent role. They come in to help Chase and Alex with the business and embrace them into their family, including helping to find their lost brother, Max. 

This book has witty banter.  It is a heartfelt story that has sexual tension and tension regarding the business. It is one of those books’ readers will not want to put down.

Elise Cooper: How did you get the idea for this series?

Catherine Bybee: Right now, there will be three books, all about the siblings. I knew I wanted to write about rich people again since I did not do that for a while, plus do possible global play.  Other pieces I wanted to put in is a grumpy boss, and a pregnancy. I keep looking for someone to put me on a private plane so I can do some personal research.  I did a lot of research into the corporate world. Often the controlling interest is not 50% or higher. 

EC:  Is Piper an executive secretary with power?

CB:  Yes.  I wrote her to be the right hand and, in some ways, having more detailed knowledge than the actual CEO. She wears two faces, seeing the executive side but also knows the office gossip. 

EC:  How would you describe Piper?

CB: She speaks her mind, fierce, confident, honest, and a powerhouse.  She is also loyal, has a sense of humor, and sarcastic. She can be insecure and vulnerable. Her soft side is on the inside. She tries to hide it in the corporate world. She is sassy, a departure from when she was the executive assistant of the father, because she knows she is needed. 

EC: What is the role of the dog Kit?

CB: I got the name of the dog, Kitty, after I met someone who literally had a dog of that name. I used it because it is so funny.  He is an anchor at her side that protects her. Kit is an angry looking rottweiler, like my neighbor’s dog, but the dog would not hurt a flea.

EC:  What about the pregnancy?

CB: I intentionally made it so that the baby was not the hero’s child. It affected all the characters’ lives, depending on the decision about the baby. I wanted her to struggle with the decision of keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption. I also did not want this to be a child of incest or rape. She was not in love with the guy who was the father. I hoped I showed how the decision is never easy, that she was faced with the judgement of others. I wanted to have it come across that the decision about the baby should be solely hers. As I put in my notes at the end of the book, my experience helped me write this part of the story.  I saw decisions made because someone else wants it. How young women ignored the pregnancy until they were five months along without any natal care. 

EC: How would you describe Chase?

CB: He has a sense of humor.  He is honorable, protective, skating around having wealth.  Based on his experience he knows how wealth can affect people. He is family oriented. 

EC:  What about the relationship between Chase and Piper?

CB:  I wanted to show how Chase stepped into the role of wanting to be the baby’s father. She walks into the office for the first time, dressed as a powerhouse, has him spellbound. They are guarded and have mistrust. She fears his judgement. They like to tease and flirt with each other. He made her off balance. He gives her the reprieve of thinking about the baby.

EC:  What is the relationship between the siblings, Alex and Chase Stone?

CB: They respect each other, loyal, and equal partners.  They can be honest with each other. There is a difference in that Chase came to terms about his absentee dad, while Alex still has daddy issues.  She has this overwhelming need to overcompensate. The two of them have kept each other grounded.  They have family values they got from their mother. They have each other’s back.

EC:  Why bring in Gaylord?

CB: He is the counter to Chase and Alex’s father, Aaron.  He is the father everyone would want. He, Jack, and Jesse were featured in the book written over a decade ago, Not Quite Dating. Since I brought back the hotel world of corporate business I decided, why not bring back these from a previous book. This is an update for those readers who have read it. He is someone the Stone children could ask questions. I wanted to show there could be some good fathers in this book. There is a secondary relationship between Gaylord and the Stone children’s mom, Vivian. 

EC: Does Melissa and Floyd represent the not so nice people?

CB: They will be in play in the next books. They continue to have their issues. 

EC:  Next books?

CB: I wanted to be fresh when I approached Mari’s story, from the D’Angelo series. I wanted this series to be finished before I tackle silver-haired romance.

The next book will feature the half-brother Max who they found at the end of this book. There is a lot to his story. There are some dangling plot points that will be wrapped up at the end of the series. The title The Forgotten One comes out in November. All the Stones will be back in book two with Max realizing he now has a family. 




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