The Bin Laden Plot

Trident Deception Book 7

Rick Campbell

St. Martin’s Press

April 12, 2024

The Bin Laden Plot by Rick Campbell is a great military-espionage story. The book has the CIA Director, Christine O’ Connor, along with a former SEAL, Jake Harrison, now a CIA contractor, working together to find out if there is a cover up that includes dangerous acts of corruption, even treason.

This plot starts with the destruction of a destroyer in the Persian Gulf. The explanation from the Secretary of Navy is that it was the result of a rogue UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle). A decision is made to send a submarine to destroy it, headed by Murray Wilson, the USS Michigan Captain.

At the same time, Lonnie Mixell, a former U.S. operative, now assassin for hire, is responsible for eliminating those SEALS responsible for killing Bin Laden, including Jake Harrison, a fellow SEAL, who was also on the mission. CIA Director Christine O’Connor is suspicious about who is really behind the killing and what really happened with the UUV. This pits her and Jake working together again to find out what is really happening.

This story will take readers on another thrill ride with unexpected twists and turns.  In some ways it is a cliff hanger with the groundwork set for the next novel.

Elise Cooper: Idea for the story?

Rick Campbell: I did address the question you asked last time if there will be more of Christine. The overlying question, is did America really kill Bin Laden?  By dumping his body in the ocean what happened to the conclusive proof?  The book is set up in this way:  did he live, but after they did get the DNA analysis was it proof, or was it covered up with a fake DNA analysis? All the technology is definitely feasible. I need to deliver a submarine thriller. 

EC: Where are you going with the relationship?

RC:  Christine and Harrison must work through their issues.  It will resolve itself to some extent. In the relationship they still love each other with Harrison’s wife feeling inferior and is jealous of Christine.  They still care for each other, but Christine is very careful not to cross the red line in the sand.  Going back a couple of novels after she was put through a lot on the submarine she did ask Harrison about his relationship at home. She was trying to be honorable and not having an affair. 

EC:  What about the Khalila-Harrison professional partner relationship?

RC: He considers her a sociopath.  She could be a double agent and ruthless. She trusts him completely, but Harrison is having problems trusting her. 

EC:  How would you describe one of the bad guys, Lonnie Mixell?

RC:  He feels betrayed, someone seeking revenge and vengeance. He is disloyal because he was a former friend of Christine and Harrison. He has anger-management issues.  Someone who is pure evil.  

EC:  How about the other bad person, Secretary of the Navy Brenda Verbeck?

RC:  She is conniving, power hungry, manipulative, ambitious, and ruthless. I do reference if someone is wealthy and powerful they get away with what normal people don’t.  She is resentful and vindictive. 

EC:  Next book?

RC:  It is titled, Vengeance, probably out in the spring/summer of next year. There are four characters who all want revenge. Christine will be a central figure, as will Khalila and it will have as one of the settings, the Middle East. I will write these types of books if I have good plots.  My challenge is that at least 1/3 of the plot must be submarine based. 

I signed a six-book contract with another publisher for a different series. It is military-science fiction. I am a science fiction fan, which is where my passion lies. It takes place 1000 years in the future. The basic premise: humanity has been at war with an alien species for three decades. 




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