On DVD this week from director Adam Schindler and Entertainment One comes the unexpected when dealing with “Intruders.”

Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is living a life no one around her can imagine. Suffering from agoraphobia, she is also taking care of her dying brother Conrad. The stress and loneliness is a day to day feeling even though she loves her brother.

The highlight of her days is when food and the bright smile of Dan (Rory Culkin) arrive. When Anna’s brother finally passes, she tries to give Dan money for his many kindnesses.

On the day of the funeral Anna can not leave the house no matter how hard she tries. That doesn’t stop three men from coming in.

Jack (J.P. Henson), Perry (Martin Starr) and Vance (Joshua Mikel) enter Anna’s home with one goal – grabbing the money they believe is hidden in the house.

What these men did not expect was that Anna and her agoraphobia is only a fraction of the reason there idea isn’t a good one!

Riesgraph as Anna is good from the word action! Not overly scary but certainly enough to give me pause. Her character is such a mixture of sadness and innocence that, as the story progresses, so does her performance. Well done!

Culkin as Dan is sympathetic to the life Anna has been living. Genuinely concerned, he makes a serious and almost fatal error. Culkin carries on the family acting genes and his performance is a nice twist.

Kesy as J.P. is hoping to hit the house and run but is surprised by Ana. It doesn’t change his plans however. Kesy gives eerie another level because that angry face is chilling. Mikel as Vance sees how things are going wrong quickly. That makes him the good-bad guy and Mikel’s character can’t be both.

Starr as Perry has a bit of sadistic streak in him not caring who he hurts. Starr makes it believable and I never want him anywhere near my knee caps!

Other cast include: Leticia Jimenez as Charlotte and Timothy McKinney as Conrad.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Intruders” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoyed the performance of the cast. There is something about a film that is kept within four walls that allows the viewer to really get up close and frighteningly personal with the characters.

The close quarters keeps the action tight. As the plot unfolds and the walls expand just a little, the telling changes and everything is laid out plainly with no excuses.

The 90 minute DVD also includes a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette as well as audio commentary from the cast and crew. Do check that out for their take on the film. “Intruders” also comes from the executive producer of “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious.”

In the end — they should have left her alone!



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