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Coming to Bluray from director zhang Changzing and currently streaming on the service Hi-YAH! and Well Go USA is the action story if IP MAN: The Awakening.

Visiting Hong Kong, Ip Man unwittingly interrupts a kidnapping that goes deeper than he could ever have realized. What he has uncovered is human trafficking that is about to hit very close to home. Happy to see his old friends, he begins working with the rickshaw business and they spend time going through the streets of Hong Kong.

That’s when Ip Man begins to ruffle the feathers of those running the trafficking and those in-charge know the only way to stop him is to kidnap someone he cares about. Trying to keep his teachings in check, it becomes difficult to separate teachings from doing what he thinks is right.

The truth is, he is about to hit the streets in a way that the traffickers could not have imagined to save the innocent before it is too late! To do that, he must put himself in a brutal match that could end his very life.

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The cast of IP MAN: The Awakening include Xie Miao Hua Qilong, Chen Guanying, Zhao Yuxuan, Bai Long, Xiao Guang, Huang Siyu, An De and Qing Tian with special appearance by Hou Tongjiang.

IP MAN: The Awakening is an early look at a young master who is recognized wherever he goes and those he meets know that he is a good man. Always wanting to help those who need it the most, the bad guys know that even Ip Man has a weakness and are attempting to exploit it to stop him at all costs.

This is definetly an action-packed film but at the same time it is a film of friendships, loyalty and dedication to those in Ip Man’s life. I have loved all the films about Ip Man and was anxious to see this film as well.

In the end – they see retaliation, but he sees justice!



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