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On Bluray, DVD and Digital from director Joe Carnahan and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the twists inside the COPSHOP.

Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) breaks down in a bullet ridden car along a stretch of road in Nevada. Going into a casino where there was already trouble going on, Teddy punches police officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder) in order to get arrested. He will not talk about why he did it and seems happy to be behind bars.

While checking out the car he was driving, drunk driver Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler) smacks into the officers and is arrested. In a cell across from Teddy, it becomes clear that the two men know each other. Officer Young is trying to piece together what is going in with the two men but that is short lived because a third is about to enter the mix.

Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss) is a disturbing hitman who love to hear the sound of his own voice. Now, the police station is under siege and Officer Young must do whatever she can to survive but also do her job. Making deals with Murretto and Viccick will either be the smartest thing or the biggest mistake she will ever make.

There is a lot of talking but action is what happens at the cop shop!

Louder as Officer Young takes center stage as a cop who clearly is good at her job. She does not take any nonsense from anyone – let alone criminals. Meeting Muretto, she hears his story but there is something wrong still and she makes sure he, as well as Viddick, know that trying to cross her is not a good idea. I enjoyed Louder because, and I say this with much affection, she reminded me of me. Talking the talk and walking the walk with no qualms in taking aim.

Grillo as Muretto is full of secrets and is not about to tell them lightly. Once he does, like Young, knows its full of as many holes as the car he was driving. Crossing the bad guy is never a good idea and Muretto tried hard to be clever which is a very narcissistic attitude. Grillo give his role grit and plays it out till the end.

Butler as Viddick is the calm in the middle of the storm. He sees how things are playing out and makes sure he is fully aware of his surroundings. He does take a bit of pity on Young and tries to sort of do the right thing but its weirdly obvious it is to his benefit. In the middle of the madness, Viddick brings a swagger that Butler is extremely good at.

Now, lets talk about Huss as Lamb – what a ridiculously weird hitman – that I couldn’t stop watching from start to end. What an incredible character to play and I do not know who came up with the concept, but Huss made it his own and he has to be the most relaxed hitman in the history of cinema hitmen.

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COPSHOT is a film that is 98% shot (pardon the pun) inside a police station. As one would expect, when bad guys are trying to get away with something, the good guys are stubborn and want to keep them locked up. The story is basically a battle between one good guy and several and sneaky bad guys. They just come out of the woodwork.

It is also awesome to have an action film that also brings a bit of sarcastic comic relief and that’s where Butler and Huss come in. The queen of sarcasm comes from Louder because she feels she has something to prove being a cop. These guys are up against one smart and tough cookie, so it is one cat and a bunch of crazy mice.

Be prepared for action, twists, turns and a chase that takes place in a confined area and know that its all pretty bitchin’!

In the end – someone’s gotta take the hit!



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