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On Bluray from writer/director Andrew Desmond and Screen Media Films comes a haunting story of secrets, family and a beautiful and deadly SONATA.

Rose Fisher (Freya Tingley) is an amazing violinist on stage but once the music is finished, she lives a secluded life. Her day to day schedule is tended to by Charles Vermais (Simon Abkarian) who handles everything keeping Rose free to create.

While recording music, Rose is informed that her father Richard Marlowe (Rutger Hauer) has passed away. In the lawyer’s office, she is told that her inheritance includes a large secluded house. Rose has no emotions regarding his death since he never made an effort to be a father.

Curiosity brings her to Marlowe’s house and Rose discovers his last piece of music. Trying to play it she doesn’t understand the markings on the paper. Vermais calls to check up on Rose and she tells him everything.

He begins to research Marlowe and turns to Sir Victor Ferdinand (James Faulkner) who sets him searching even more. In the meantime, Rose is experiencing something alive in the house and it is trying to tell her something.

It is even more frightening than she could ever imagine.

Tingley as Rose is raised feeling that her father made no attempt to be a part of her life. Music is her way to express her emotions that she is unable to express in her daily life. At Marlowe’s house she begins to feel a power that is challenging her emotional strength and Tingley does an amazing job of portraying that.

Abkarian as Vernais is a manager who really does have control of Rose’s life in every aspect. He makes sure that she is taken care of which allows her to be the famous musician. The problem is the house begins to have its way with him as well.

Falulker as Ferdinand is the man with the explanations as he watches both Rose and Vernais unravel the musical puzzle left behind by Marlowe.

Hauer as Marlowe isn’t on the screen as much as I wish he could have been. Yet, he is perfect because what you do see is what Hauer has always done best – be hauntingly good.

Other cast include Catherine Schaub-Abkarian as Therese, Matt Barber as James, and Laine Stengrevica as Meredith.

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The Bonus Feature includes a Behind the Scenes.

SONATA is a thriller on more than one level. There is the story of Rose and her father also Rose and her manager. Those are difficult at best as the film slowly reveals. Then Rose has the relationship with the house, but she doesn’t understand why.

All of this brings and intensity and the need to keep up with the mystery that wraps everything together. The cast is small which means that the focus stays on three main characters to tell you the true story of SONATA.

The film is creepy, telling and mysterious and all of it put together make SONATA a great Friday night with the lights out and a big bowl of popcorn. All of the above are the reason I love films like this with an original story with twists and turns that are pretty darn cool.

In the end – play the music and prepare for darkness!



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