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Coming to theatres from director Eva Husson and Sony Pictures Classics comes a story of the heart and a life with MOTHERING SUNDAY.

Jane (Odessa Young) is a young woman working as a maid in 1924 England for Mr. Godfrey Niven (Colin Firth) and his wife Clarrie (Olivia Colman). On this particular morning, Mr. Niven is giving Jane the day off since they are meeting with the Hobdays for a day outing. Quickly she receives a telephone call from Paul Sheringham (Josh O’Connor) to come and see him.

It quickly becomes clear that there is a romantic relationship between Jane and Paul, but he knows that the family will not allow him to marry her. Trying to enjoy their time together, that one thing is hanging over their head. They do not have a lot of time together because Paul should be at the outing with family.

When Paul leaves Jane at the house, she lounges eating and looking at the house until it is time to come home. She is met at the door by Mr. Niven who has tears in his eyes and news that changes their lives.

Years ahead, writer Jane Fairchild is in love with Donald (Sope Dirisu) who loves that she is a writer. More of a philosopher himself, they share their lives together in that world of the word. Working at a bookstore and given the chance to write something wonderful, her life changes again and again in the most painful but magnificent ways.

Then again, that is the mystery of life isn’t it?

Other cast include Patsy Ferran as Milly, Emma D’Arcy as Emma Hobday, Simon Shepherd as Mr. Giles Hobday, Caroline Harker as Mrs. Sylvia Hobday, Emily Woof as Mrs. Sheringham, Craig Crosbie as Mr. Sheringham, Albert Welling as Mr. Paxton and Glenda Jackson as Jane Fairchild.

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MOTHERING SUNDAY film is based on the Graham Smith and not the first book to screen. His works also include WATERLAND, SHUTTLECOCK and LAST ORDERS.

Young as Jane is just so beautiful not only in character but in her portrayal of this very complex story. She is a young woman in love knowing her station because of her own questionable background. Although the Niven’s obviously care about her, Jane sees there is something so much more waiting for her future, and it takes one event to send her out there to find it. Young gives the viewer all of that and so much more.

O’Connor as Paul is also a complex character hiding behind the pain of what he wants for himself and what is expected of him by his family. He clearly cares so much for Jane and enjoys being with her to the point that they are both willing to get caught. O’Connor has the unique ability to give his character the face of a tortured man hiding within a well-dressed English gentleman.

Firth as Mr. Niven has clearly had pain within his own family and enjoys having Jane around yet would do nothing to stop her from succeeding in life. It is clear that Niven trusts her and seems a bit curious but never crosses the line to ask. The scene in the car with Jane as they drive back to the house is tissue worthy because it is a car filled to the brim of sadness.

Colman as Clarrie is hiding her own deep family pain. She never really says much to Jane but when she does, the words spoken are like a brick to Jane. I just love Colman and having her with Firth is just delightful and secretly I did want more from her character but when you know the story, you understand.

Dirius as Donald is a man who falls hard for the writer Jane. He wants to know everything and share everything with her. Together they make such a lovely couple and when it is time for them to embrace another impact of life, they do so together and amazingly full of love.

MOTHERING SUNDAY is a period piece and that is right up my genre alley. That being said, it is also a story of love, the class system England of that time, pain, sadness, success and realizations. I started out watching the film sitting up and ended up curled up cuddling a pillow to the very end. That’s how you know I was entirely invested in these characters.

The costuming, cars, cinematography and soundtrack and just so rich adding another layer of texture to this multi-layered emotional story. Who could want anything more from a tale such as this?

In the end – it is Jane’s journey.



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