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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook from writer/director Vince Gilligan and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Jesse (Aaron Paul) has escaped the Brotherhood cage in an El Camino. Running to the only place he can think of Skinny Peter (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt Jones) are shocked to see him. Jesse passes out for the night while the two try to figure out what is going on and hide the car. By the next morning they decide that they need to make it look like Jesse has fled to Mexico. Handing Jesse a serious wad of cash, they say their goodbyes.

Getting away, Jesse thinks on his time in that cage when Todd (Jesse Plemons) is nice to him. Of course, it is because he wants something from Jesse. After helping Jesse take care of a problem in his apartment, he also learns that Todd has been holding a large sum of money in the home. In present day, Jesse returns to the apartment and searches getting interrupted by Casey (Scott Shepherd) and Neil (Scott MacArthur) and a deal is struck.

Finding Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), Jesse learns he wants more money than he has to help him disappear for good. Getting desperate, he turns to the most unexpected places putting himself in danger to get the cash. He wants to get away and stop the madness believing only Ed can help him do that, so no one is going to get in his way.

No one.

Paul as Jesse slides right back into his role from the AMC Breaking Bad series. From the moment he is on screen you can see that what has happened to him is far more complicated than fans of the show could have realized. He picks up the character mantle and tries to unravel everything that has happened to him and discover if its possible to be free and start over. Paul does a remarkable job giving us a finale to Jesse’s story.

Plemons as Todd, if he were not who he was, would be a pleasant fellow. Instead, he is a calm person who does not seem to know how to show real feelings. Even when he is up against Jesse, there is a moment that seems guy-like, but it feels awkward. At least I felt awkward for them! I really enjoy everything Plemons does because each role brings something new.

Forster as Galbraith is a character I really enjoyed watching unravel. Unsure of who he is or what Jesse wants, Forster stands hard in this character yet again, does not give away one ounce of emotion. He takes his work seriously – both in the vacuum shop and his other part time job.

Baker and Jones as Skinny Pete and Badger are the ones Jesse goes to when it is time to make his getaway. They see what has happened to their friend and want to help just one more time. Cool and collected Skinny Pete puts the plan in motion and Badger is all in for Jesse.

Shepherd and MacArthur are two men looking for the same thing Jesse is. When they are caught in the same place together, it becomes a game of cats and mouse – don’t let the mouse fool you.

Other cast include Drysten Ritter as Jane Margolis, Kevin Rankin as Kenny, Larry Hankin as Old Joe, Tess Harper as Diane Pinkman, Michael Bofshever as Adam Pinkman, Jonathan Banks as Mike and Bryan Cranston as Walter White.

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Bonus Materials include Gag Reel, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Audio Commentary with Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul, Scene Studies with Vince Gilligan, Super Commentary!, Making EL CAMINO, SNOW GLOBE: A Breaking Bad Short, Skinny Pete in the Box Teaser, On the Radio Teaser, Rocker Salvage Commercial, Vamanos Pest Commercial, “Enchanted” by Chloe x Halle and Visual Effects Design Galleries.

EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad movie is a chance to see what happens to Jesse after the once successful drug business goes bad. There are so many flashbacks to make sure that we see how Jesse brings his life together so he can move forward.

It is one crazy moment after another because, lets face it, there hasn’t been anything easy in Jesse’s world for quite some time. This gives Breaking Bad fans one more opportunity to spend time with their favorite characters.

In the end – he is trying to break free!



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