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Currently in theatres from director Lance Hool and Freestyle Releasing is the story of love and what some will do for the gift of 2 HEARTS.

Leslie (Radha Mitchell) is a flight attendant preparing to board a plane when Jorge (Adan Canto) catches her eye. She cannot help but smile as him as he seems just as struck! Once aboard the plane, Jorge asks that she sit and hold his hand since flying makes him a little jittery. Charmed by him, Leslie has no choice but oblige him.

Jorge is a member of the Bolivar family business along with his brother Joaquin (David Perez) and Father Jose (Steve Bacic). Returning to his Miami home, he quietly tells his brother about Leslie and that he has met his future wife. Finding ways to meet up with her flying schedule, Leslie and Jorge find time to be together and fall in love and Jorge reveals his medical condition. She makes it very clear that it doesn’t change how she feels!

With a perfect wedding on the beach, they know that this was meant to be. Hoping to have a family, their first difficulty is knowing that children are not in their future and as time goes by, Jorge’s medical condition grows steadily worse.

Chris (Jacob Elordi) is a young man full of life and does not take things too seriously. Off to college enjoying that life, he accidentally runs into Sam (Tiera Skovbye), a serious student who believes in causes and studying. Knowing it is the only way he can be with her, Chris signs up to be a patrol buddy so they can spend time together.

Being with Sam gives Chris a jump-start to his life as his grades improve, and he decides what he wants to do with his life. Much to the surprise of his parents and siblings, they could not be happier that he has found someone to care for more than himself. Seeing a life of marriage and children, Chris has never been happier.

In an instant life is about to change for both of these men and that is what happens while we are out making plans!

Mitchell as Leslie is a beautiful lady and sees something special in Jorge. Wanting to make a life all about family, she sees that with him. Every moment they spend together is a gift and Leslie want to make sure to be grateful for that. Mitchell gives her character such light and a lightness even when things become dark.

Canto as Jorge is a man who has grown up knowing about his illness but does not let that stop him from succeeding. Loving being part of the family business and family, he is just as surprised at everyone else when Leslie hits him like a thunderbolt. He cannot imagine one moment without her and finds the most loving ways of proving that. Canto was one of my favorites in the series DESIGNATED SURVIVOR as Aaron Shore so I was equally thrilled to see him take on this role. Jorge is a strong man but does not mind showing a loving side in all things, especially Leslie.

Elordi as Chris is a young man living that young life. Always being goofy and not focusing as seriously as his older brother and parents might like, it is when he finds something greater than himself in Sam that he sees for the first time what everyone is talking about. Wanting her, a home, family and all that goes with it is his focus – starting with being a patrol buddy!

Skovbye as Sam is such a lovely young woman who seems destined to continually bump into Chris. Even though she has a boyfriend, she is enjoying her friendship with this outgoing and funny guy. She is serious about doing good for people which does eventually rub off on Chris (without other intention) as she laughs her way into his heart. Skovbye gives her character such warmth and humor.

Other cast include Kari Matchett as Grace, Tahmoh Penikett as Erik, Jordan Burtchett as Colin, Anthony Konechny as John, and Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Dean.

Freestyle Releasing specializes in releasing films theatrically and representing independent films. Releasing content through Freestyle Digital Media, their most successful film theatrically to date is the 2014 film GOD’S NOT DEAD. For more of what they have to offer please visit

2 HEARTS is a film about learning from our life, how to help others and what it means to families when a person signs up for organ donation. This film is about giving, sharing, loving, family, community and remembering who we are as people – stewards of one another when we can be.

There are so many emotions in the 100-minute-long film, but it is important to tell both sides to truly understand the concepts of the storyline. In this exceptionally large and very populated planet, this is a story of how two people found one another and the impact it has had on others around them.

The film is based on the true story of the young man Christopher Gregory and Leslie and Jorge Bacardi. What is most amazing is learning at the end of the film what these three people have done for others who need organ donations the most. Learn more about it and The Gabriel House at It is beautiful and moving!

In the end – discover the mystery that connects them all!



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