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Currently on the streaming service Topic from writer/director Arian Moayed are the last four episodes of the amazing series THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF.

Katie (Kelli O’Hara) is still in search of the woman named Tala. The woman who called begging for help sending Katie on a whirlwind of family drama, people chasing her and ending up in dark places. Husband Brad (Mike Doyle) is making her personal life difficult and now, he has told everyone that Katie has been kidnapped.

Katie’s mom Nancy (Judith Ivey) is keeping granddaughter Mary safe as she waits with anxiety to find out where her own daughter is. What they all do not know is that Katie is with T (Marsha Blake) and they are getting help from the most unlikely person. They are still running and exhausted but they are so close to the answers.

The story unfolds and begins to piece together how Katie became involved, what T’s role in all of this is, who is helping her find answers and, most of all, will Tala ever be found?

O’Hara as Katie is on the run with T but with each step she takes, the answers slowly start to come. The change in this character from season one to season three is a woman who no longer allows people to dictate to her, that includes her husband and father-in-law. Both of these men want to use the situation to their political advantage instead of believing that Katie has pure motives to now help T and still find Tala. I have enjoyed watching O’Hara take her character and give her everything strong and empowered.

Blake as T might not have been able to talk but her emotions are very clear. From a bit of fear to standing up for Katie, there was no mistaking her own strength in wanting to bring to the attention of the world what has happened not only to her, but other women as well.

Ivey as Nancy is another female character that starts off with a mass number of insecurities and anger, but when Katie is being lied about and used, Mama bear comes out fighting. I love when she takes on Brad and his father because that’s exactly what I would do.

Doyle as husband Brad is about to discover that the wife he once had is gone. Trying to control the situation, he soon discovers he is in control of nothing. Doyle gives his character narcissism that is brought on by the way he was raised because, like father like son.

Other cast includes Bisserate Tseggai, Michael Chernus, Hend Ayoub, Aasif Mandvi, Zainab Jah, Joe Mantello, Frank Wood, Paul Sparks, Judith Light, James Naughton and Sahr Ngaujah.

Season 3 includes the episodes Found, Hand in Hand, Future of Angels and The Last Gate.

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Executive producer Damon Owlia says of the series, “In all its versions, THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF has been rendered with empathy, gratitude, and a belief that there’s a way to keep building deepening this story. Season 3 continues in this tradition through the generosity and resilience of a special community of artists. Central to all of this happening is Arian’s preternatural ability as a storyteller to allow human beings to feel seen, heard and understood.”

The wrap up of THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF is so good on many levels. Not only does it tell the story we didn’t know from the beginning, but it allows us to see Katie finally proves to everyone that there was a call for help and that more than just Talla needed that help. So many reached out along the way because they believed she could help.

Katie is a character that starts out very insecure and believing she was not good enough for her own husband let alone be a good mother. Brad continually pushed those beliefs on Katie, she could never have imagined that one phone call would change her life in such a drastic way.

Best of all, this story is wrapped up in a way that is full of twists that I just loved. THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF is truly a series worth binging now that they are all available on Topic. Follow Katie and T on the journey to answers and especially the question of who is Talla?

In the end – she is the accidental wolf!



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