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Coming to Bluray from director Jianming Huang and Well Go USA comes the animated story of redemption in GOODBYE MONSTER.

In the world of Kunlun, Bai Ze is a healer who is a little more than just full of himself. After attempting to heal the island of Dark Spirits that haunt it, the opposite happened and destruction takes its toll. Bai Ze’s punishment for it is being expelled from Kunlun by the Masters.

Bai Ze continues to work on the Dark Spirit healing but finds himself on the run when once again his skills are getting him in trouble. Friend, now foe Kai Wang, wants the scroll Bai Ze has created but not for good. On the run back to the island where he originally took on the Dark Spirits, Bai Ze meets Yi, a young boy looking to be cured. He asks Bai Ze if he has a way to make his horn grow so he can just like the others.

As the Dark Spirits begin to rise again, Kai Wang has become a favorite of the Masters and they expect him to take care of the matter. Sending out troops to find Bai Ze, there is magic in the air and it isn’t always good. Bai Ze finds himself caring for Yi even though he acts as if he doesn’t want any part of the kid or his problems.

What Bai Ze discovers is that there is a way to redeem himself, show compassion without expecting anything but appreciation for his skills and making friends who care for him just as he is.

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GOODBYE MONSTER is a story rich with characters with stunning animation. Each of the characters has their own story and a place in the larger one. Bai Ze is a healer that has done everything possible to keep people away from him. It is his large ego that puts people on edge as he claims to be the ‘greatest healer of all time’ and claims it loudly.

It eventually is young Yi that begins to break through the barrier that Bai Ze has put around himself. I’d say it is almost as strong as the Dark Spirits. He is a young boy who thinks there is something wrong with him because of his horn but eventually learns that everything happens for a reason.

Bai Ze puts himself in a difficult situation when Kai Wang turns against him and shows he truly has the Dark Spirit. Wanting power and destroying the weak is what could destroy the people make the world a good place.

With the support of Yi and others who believe in the healer, Bai Ze has the chance to not only clear his name but become the healer he was always meant to be. Taking on the Dark Spirits is a way to save everyone and return life to the island once again.

That is what GOODBYE MONSTER is about, people who feel broken, those who feel unwanted and that’s what feeds the Dark Spirits and brings out the worst in those bad feelings. There are so many life lessons that this film shows and it is done with brilliant color in the animation. There is action, adventure and a story that has humor that brings giggles.

Get the family all around and experience it together.

In the end – it is a magical adventure!



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