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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from director Ruben Fleischer and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes the adventure with UNCHARTED.

As young boys, brothers Sam and Nate are out to steal a map from the explorer Magellan which is in a museum. When Sam gets thrown out of the orphanage where they live leaving Nate behind, big brother promises to come back. To make sure the younger boy has something to hang on to, Sam gives him a ring that has “Sic Parvis Magna” written on it.

Yet, fifteen years goes by with only postcards from Sam and Nate (Tom Holland) it working as a slick serving bartender. Watching him is Sully Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) and is also looking for the Magellan treasure. Sully tells Nate that he worked with Sam to find it by steal a diary belonging to Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Sully also tells Nate that they have to get the golden cross that is set up to be auctioned because it has more clues to the treasure. Nate is all in and does what he does best – get into trouble but slick in getting out of it. He also meets Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) who believes that the treasure belongs to his family.

Now the traveling begins, and Nate meets Sully’s partner Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) who has another cross. The problem becomes that the three absolutely do not trust one another so when not running from Moncada’s men, they are trying to outsmart each other.

Who will find the treasure?

Holland as Nate is so dang funny, cute and adventurous in this role that he actually looks like he is having a good time. His character is a young man who is just as much as of an adventurer as his older brother as finding Sam is a sad adventure in itself. Watching him go from escape to escape was the most entertaining of all. Can we make Holland the youngest James Bond because I’d be okay with that!

Wahlberg as Sully is sneaky, sly, deceitful and yet as their adventure moves on, this character seems to find a space in his criminal heart for Nate. Then again, Wahlberg has the ability to play both a real good guy and a real slimy guy with equal furor. As Sully, it is kind of a mixture of both as this character has good moments and really cruddy ones. I don’t mind that at all really, because mixed in with that is his humor delivered as only Wahlberg can.

Banderas as Moncada is an elegantly dressed bad guy who does not mind having other people do his dirty work. Trying to recapture his role in the family, he really does not have a problem with stepping on anyone who gets in the way of his finding the treasure. Banderas has the same ability as Wahlberg to be a really good, good guy and really slick bad guy.

Ali as Chloe knows one thing about all the characters in this film – you can not trust any one of them. That is not to say she is totally trustworthy but consider when you are surrounded by all these guys who wouldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it and only one guy that is trying to be truthful, but you have trust issues. Did you get all that? Ali gives us girl treasure hunter from start to finish.

Other cast include Steven Waddington as The Scotsman, Pingi Moli as Hugo, Georgia Goodman as Sister Bernadette, Joseph Balderrama as Carlos, Serena Posadino as Goldie, Alana Boden as Zoe and Tati Gabrielle as Braddock.

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The Bonus Materials include Deleted and Extended Scenes, Behind the Scenes Featurettes, Becoming Nathan Drake, Big Action Breakdown, C-17 Globemaster, Charting the Course: On Set with Ruben Fleischer, Never a Dull Moment: Stunts & Action, The Buddy System, Villains, Backstabbers & Accomplices and Commentary with Director Ruben Fleischer.

UNCHARTED is a fight to the finish from beginning to end. There is plenty of action, adventure and a story that keeps it all together. This is the genre of film that is fun for the entire family whether in the theatre or on the big home theatre screen, a fluffy sofa, popcorn and sharing it all together.

Make sure you stay past the credits because there is a little surprise in store!

In the end – fortune favors the bold!



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