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Coming to theatres and on demand from writer/director Michael Arcell and Gravitas Ventures is a little holiday reminder a few months early about THE CHRISTMAS DANCE.

Sarah (Kristen Vaganos) is a big city girl with a writing career that keeps her away from home. Never letting her forget that she is, brother Sherman Jr. (Miles Faber) pesters her with telephone calls letting her know that Mom Mary (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Dad Sherman (Richard Karn) want her home.

At work, Sarah is dealing with Mr. Davenport (Scott Bailey) who wants a story for the holidays but something told from a different standpoint than the way Sarah usually does her pieces. Complaining once again on the phone with Sherman Jr., she hears the sound of a crash!

Rushing back to her hometown, she finds her brother in the hospital along with Mom and Dad by his side. Also visiting is Jason (Carson Nicely) who recognizes Sarah from when they were young. Sarah prefers to forget things, especially the night she danced at the church Christmas pageant, and it did not go well.

Worrying about her brother and trying to write her article, Sarah gets talked into helping Jason with taking over for Sherman Jr. and the Christmas pageant. Needing some inspiration, Dad takes Sarah to visit Brother Moore (Master P), Sister Grace (Melissa Joe Bailey) and help with the local dinner. Also trying to keep her spirits up is Jason and it does not go unnoticed by the lovely Kate (Briana White) who still has issues with Sarah.

Sarah begins to see what it is she has been missing by finding excuses for not coming home and it is time to change, and it can all start with a dance!

Vaganos as Sarah is a young career woman who buries herself in her work and the city away from home. When it is time to acknowledge what she has been missing through the years, it is an awakening on levels she could not have imagined. Faber as Sherman Jr. has kept his faith and will not let his sister forget where it is she came from nor the love that is waiting for her.

Nicely as Jason is a good friend to Sarah’s brother and believes in the community of faith he lives in. Seeing Sarah again reminds him of the night of the pageant and has memories of his own he would like to make right with Sarah. Long as Mom Mary is a caring and Christmas-y woman who is thrilled Sarah is home. Karn as Sherman is a man of faith who believes his daughter just needs a little push to see the world as a place of goodness.

Other cast include Symonne Harrison as Taylor, Jessica Richards as Karen, Josh Hooks as Brother Ron, Sinorice Moss as Dr. Leon McCoy, Cassady Jane Lorentzen as Young Kate and Brady Amaya as Young Sherman Jr.

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THE CHRISTMAS DANCE is a delightful look at what we can all relate too. First of all, letting our careers interfere with family life by excusing time after time the reasons we do not visit home. It also reminds us that there is so much to experience in a smaller community that allows people to be part of something that feels bigger than themselves – giving in all forms.

Sarah let one incident in her life cause her to continually break away from the family she clearly loves. Now we all do not get the opportunity to relive a moment so that it become a new memory, but we all have the same ability to see past our own excuses and open up to something wonderful.

THE CHRISTMAS DANCE is a nice little jingle in the middle of July as we all look forward to perhaps a better holiday season than 2020.

In the end – let the joy in early and celebrate a dance longer!



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