HirePatriots.com has been selected by numerous companies in the oil industry as their hiring initiative for U.S. veterans.

On March 12, Mark Baird, the founder of HirePatriots.com will be the keynote speaker to 1,500 oil-related companies. They are eager to know how to hire U.S. veterans to fill their multitude of positions.

One of the industries that want to hire U.S. veterans is the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association. They drive and manipulate extremely powerful tractors that are able to move objects that weigh as much as a million pounds! This requires a coordinated team of people dedicated to precision. Who better to fill these positions that veterans?

Last week we spoke with an oil related company that cleans oil derricks. This is a tough job. But it pays extremely well. A U.S. veteran in Michigan who has been struggling to find employment took one of these jobs last week. He will make at least $80,000 a year. He will probably make more because he has signed up early and has time to be trained to be a manager.

The oil industry has thousands of jobs. But many of these jobs require laboring in the hot sun or in cold temps. A lot of people who are not used to such work quit without even giving notice. The oil industry is frustrated with hiring such people. They are turning to U.S. veterans because they believe that veterans are more trustworthy and honorable. And I have assured them that most are.

If you have a desire to make good money with a team of others veterans. If you are not afraid of getting dirty and sweaty. If you are a “man’s man” who word is his bond, contact me and I will send your information on to these companies. Try to respond before March 12 so that I can distribute your resume on that day.

Contact info: Mark Baird, CEO, HirePatriots.com and Chairman, Patriotic Hearts; mark@hirepatriots.com, 760-730-3734.



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