KOBE BRYANT: ‘You are the true heroes’

In only a handful of times in your life do we get to witness greatness. Pure excellence, who becomes a legend while the others watch in amazement. Someone that we will remember the rest of our life and someone that changed the game forever.

The “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant is exactly that and so much more.

Kobe went straight from high school to the pros and never looked back. His accomplishments are staggering. Twenty years in the NBA and an 18-time all star. Five time NBA Champion, two time finals MVP as well as regular season MVP. He is the all-time Lakers leading scorer and third leading scorer in NBA History.

He had an 81-point game, which was basketball’s equivalent to the priest on “Caddyshack” having the round of his life. He simply could not miss, from anywhere on the court.

We have been so blessed to witness his extraordinary career.

What most don’t know is that Kobe Bryant is SUPER PATRIOTIC and loves the men and women of the military so much that he became teary eyed when speaking to me. His love of our servicemen was apparent immediately when he stopped his interviews from press from all over the world to speak to me and our soldiers.

I said that our military loves your dedication, focus, drive and determination to always complete the mission in exemplary fashion. What words do you have for our troops?

kremer-bryant“That is true pressure, what our men and women in the military do on a daily basis,” Bryant said. “Making or missing a shot, winning or losing a game, the platform that I am on and the game that I play that is NOTHING compared to what you do. There is always another game and there isn’t always a second chance for our soldiers defending our great nation.

“Thank you so much for all you have done, for you are the true heroes of our country. The true leaders that you don’t read about in the papers or see on your TV. The ones that quietly and heroically defend our nation. What you do in the field is a pressure that not many realize or can comprehend. I do, and I am thankful every day to you for protecting our freedom. Quiet and brave, again thank you”.

It was so touching to see the level of Kobe’s patriotism and love for our country. His respect for our military is on another level and he was very emotional during this interview with me.

Thank you “Black Mamba” for an amazing career and your passion for the game. You gave us an escape during some of life’s toughest challenges and we will remember you and what you have done forever. A true legend that wanted to share his swan song and final goodbyes to his fans thru the Military Press, and for that we are grateful.



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About the Author

Carlos Kremer

Carlos Kremer, Military Press Sportswriter and Captain USMC (Ret.)