Sherry D. Strothers is a life coach and Lipstick Leader founder. She serves currently as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy with 27 years of active service. She is also a mother, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, writer, strategist and is active within many leadership organizations. Sherry has one passion… the empowerment of women. She has mentored thousands of women over the years as a leader within the military. She serves to inspire, cultivate self-esteem, challenge and demonstrate her “never give up” attitude. Go to to learn more.

Smudge Free (SF) Leadership is not an act but an attitude. As more women become aware that they cannot live up the Super Women syndrome and face the reality that they can’t do it all alone. SF leaders understand that they must always care for themselves so that they would have the energy and where with all to care for others. There are many tools the SF leader must have at her disposal, but her base is LIPSTICK….

LISTEN to others, but always make the final decision. Successful solutions are built on ideas, inspiration, and the ability to draw on information that helps you make the best decision.

INVEST in yourself. Maintaining your mental, physical, and emotional wellness is key to clear focus and unlimited drive. Spend time and money for your spiritual healing, physical fitness, and educational growth.

PRIORTIZE and delegate. As a leader your responsibilities can be endless. You must have the ability evaluate a task, identify a solution, and empower the right people to get it done.

SELF-WORTH. Know yours and others will value you. Never be timid or shy. You’re in your place at the head of the table and don’t apologize for being there.

TRUST your instincts. Trusting others is a lifelong lesson, but trusting yourself can be the challenge. Fear of failure delays progress. Allow yourself to fail, but trust yourself to use your failures to build strength. Remember strength comes from struggles.

INSPIRE others to follow. Lead with passion, commitment, and confidence and dedication from others will follow.

COMMUNICATE effectively. Always be clear, concise and deliberate when communicating. Nothing will destroy credibility quicker than a woman that cannot make up her mind or is easily swayed by the opinions of others.

KEEP calm . Never make decisions or assign responsibility while in an emotional state. Maintain a level head, evaluate the situation, and then act. Professional decisions should be made with rational thought, not emotion. Sherry’s books are available from her website,

• Strength is in the Struggle This book will enable you to learn about yourself and thus tap into the strength you have in abundance. Consider this book as your GPS to success!

• How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer As a member of the Professional Women Network, Sherry is one of 30 international coaches and consultants selected to co-author this book for Career Strategies for Women.



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