To the Editor:
I am responding to the article in the April 1, 2012 The Military Press. Outstanding! If anything, this article should be required reading for every Senator and Congressman, as well as the Administration. It was short, but to the point and more truthful than you can imagine. I hope to copy this article and send it to all of my friends.
— Terry Bucklew, RSVN 1968-1970

To the Editor:
Just wanted to say I read your article in Military Press about PTSD and coming DOD cuts, and I agree with you.

I personally agree that DoD needs to cut costs and save some tax payers’ money; however, they do it ALL at the wrong place.   I am active duty and we struggle to do our job because we don’t have the funds to buy BASIC supply and BASIC equipment to do our job, while DoD spend billions of dollars on “high tech” weapon systems that are over-paid and not needed.

But who benefits of this?  The politicians and their friends…

Same with the manning.  We are already way UNDER-MANNED, but they cut our numbers again… with ERB, PTS, etc.    Always the workers (bottom enlisted personnel) who are cut, while the higher ups stay there, cost A LOT more to DoD, and do not much…

And finally, I believe there is WAY TOO MANY civilians in the Navy and Dod… they take a lot of military positions, but cost a lot more, and MOST double dip: they retire from active duty, then their high-placed friends “civilized” their position, and they keep doing the same job after they retire from active duty, but now as a GS 11 or higher…  That’s where the cuts should be done! Thank you.
— Prefer to Remain Anonymous

To the Editor:
I enjoyed your article. I am an old man In 1963 JFK sent me a letter to serve my country. I left college and joined the Army. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Roger Hedgecock and others who profess their support for the military, they made lame excuses to avoid the Draft,  getting college deferments. In the end they deferred nothing.

They pIain did not serve. I ended up fighting northwest of Saigon in the 56th Transportation Unit with a rifle in my hand. I feel for our hurting troops today. I saw carnage there  too. But I want to talk mainly about pay. I received  $124 per month pay for an E-4 under 2 years. $50 per month combat pay was just about to begin when I left. No BAH etc. True $124 then could buy much more than same amount today. But I would venture to say today an E-4 under two years (with all monetary benefits) fighting in a foreign country is better paid today than we were. Even using today’s weak purchasing  power dollar. I agree with you about our drug war problem in your article. There are bloated beauracracies (sorry sp) in Washington today.  But there was one omission.  That America’s craving for illegal drugs is creating a drug war. Drug traffikers are capitalists satisfying the market.  Thank you.
— Ernesto Romero, San Diego

To the Editor:
Took me a while, but I wanted to let you know that I recently discovered your paper while on vacation in San Diego. I LOVED it!! My first paper was the global warming scam story issue. SO refreshing to hear someone BRAVE enough to tell the truth!!! Its fantastic that you guys don’t succumb to the political correctness that abounds in all media today- sadly even in most of the military focused publications.

I subscribe toU.S  Naval Institute (Proceedings magazine) and Air Force Assn (Air Force magazine) and its so sad to see even they bow down to the P.C BS. Im not in the military. Up until a few years back, I was kicking myself for not going into the military (Air Force or Navy) like all my past family members did. (ALL navy men) But with the change in our country. I honestly would NOT join nor let my kids join (if I had any) today. I’ve lost that “fire” for our country as we’ve spiraled down into the toilet.

BUT I still LOVE our military and like to keep up on whats going on. (your paper) I support our troops 1000%, but I dont think its worh risking ONE of their butts for some crap hole in the middle east. God bless these fine men. Sorry for the rant! Anyway- I live in Los Angeles area, so only get your paper when I vacation in San Diego. Just love it! And I AM supporting your advertisers wherever possible. Your paper is a WAY better read than the navy Compass or Dispatch. PLEASE…. DONT bow down to the P.C.B.S!!!!!!!!!!
— Tim Valot

Good morning!
By way of introduction, my name is Frank E. Pulley. I am a Marine Veteran (I served over 30 years in the U.S. Marine Corps). I retired in 2008 as the Sergeant Major of the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA.

I truly enjoy reading the Military Press and was very intrigued by your recent commentary (America Under Siege).

Sir, I could not agree more! I am mulling over the idea of writing articles to be published. I can no longer watch from the sidelines as our children and grandchildren’s futures are being gambled and squandered away…

I’m considering writing a series of articles….”Is the National Debt a National Threat”? Or is our current welfare system one of “Entitlement” or is Entrapment and/or Enslavement?
— Frank Pulley



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