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This week from director Mark Williams and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is a story of corruption and the man who will not tolerate it in BLACKLIGHT.

Travis Block (Liam Neeson) is a war veteran who now works quietly for FBI Director Gabriel Robinson (Aidan Quinn). Whenever there is something that needs to be handled, Block is called in to makes things right.

After several years, Block is trying to retire to spend time with daughter Amanda (Claire van der Boom) and cute granddaughter Natalie (Gabriella Sengos). Trying to make up for the years he was not there for his family, he has a chance to make his own world right.

His assignment is to bring back the undercover Agent Dusty Crane (Taylor John Smith) who is not about to be taken willingly. While running, he finds Mira Jones (Emmy Raver-Lampman), a journalist who suspects foul play in a politician’s death. Agreeing to meet, Block is also on their trail.

When things go wrong, Jones tells Block that the man he was after had information about a program called Operation Unity run by Director Robinson. Denying that their program is nefarious, he also tells Block to just do his job. But, when a story Jones was not ready to release gets published, all craziness breaks loose.

Now Jones’ editor meets an SUV and Block’s family mysteriously disappears and that is not good for anyone. This is a man who clearly does not care who gets in his way where his family is concerned and is determined to find out who is responsible for all the death and why.

Neeson as Block is doing what he has been doing for years, making sure that all the bad guys (no matter what side of that fence you think your on) are held responsible for their deeds. Thinking retirement meant time with his family and no more madness, he finds out all too soon that there are those who are not going to let him go quietly.

Raver-Lampman as Mira Jones is not about to let anyone, or anything get in the way of finding out what Crane knows. She is as determined as Neeson’s character and when they work together, it is no less dangerous but necessary. Raver-Lampman jumps into her role and gets action from start to finish.

Quinn as Robinson has spent more of his career playing a good guy so when he has the opportunity to ramp up to be a shady individual, I am all in. Robinson is a character that thinks he is above the law and above anyone holding him accountable, clearly, he does not know Block as well as he thinks he does.

Other cast include Yael Stone as Helen Davidson, Tim Draxl as Drew Hawthorne, Georgia Flood as Pearl, Melanie Jarnson as Sofia Flores, Andrew Shaw as Jordan Lockhart and Zac Lemons as Wallace.

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Bonus Features of BLACKLIGHT include BLACKLIGHT: Behind the Scenes and Shooting BLACKLIGHT.

The film is a game of cat and mouse but then what would anyone expect when Liam Neeson has a part. The storyline may be a tad thin, but it does not stop from the pure enjoyment of a good action film. Twists and turns wrap us up in the chase and with a tub of popcorn, it is a great way to spend an evening!

In the end – they’re going to need more men!



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