This week on Blu-ray from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the iconic Robinson family that is “Lost in Space.”

The Robinson Family is about to go on a journey that they would never have thought possible. On board the Resolute ship to colonize space is Commander Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker), former Navy Seal John Robinson (Toby Stephens), doctor Judy (Taylor Russell), mechanic Penny (Mina Sundwall) and 11-year-old Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins). Also aboard is the Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) and Dr. Smith (Parker Posey).

When their ship is attacked and the Robinson family race to board Jupiter 2 and are hurled through space landing on ice but begins to feel it sinking. Judy tries to get the power back up on the ship as Penny races to try and save their mother who is injured. Will wanders outside only to fall down a deep hole that turns up a space ship and a robot that is out of whack. Being the tinkerer he is there is a new member to the gang.

Don West and Smith also survived the Resolute attack and after landing begin looking for survivors. Back with the Robinsons, the Robot is helping the family not only with the ice surrounding their ship but creates a mental connection with young Will. In that connection they all discover what happened to the Resolute. Outside a storm is brewing and a flare brings Dr. Smith to the ship.

The story of how Dr. Smith came to be on the ship in the first place and the question is whether the Robinson family is in danger because of it. Still working to get the ship working, it is Robot who takes it upon himself to fix the issues and get it off the ice. That is when a communication comes through of other survivors as they all try to connect for rescue.

Moving the ship from the ice to a more stable place, Will and Smith have a conversation about Robot. What the young man doesn’t know is that Smith has plans for trying to get the robot away from Will. Another problem is that creatures are consuming the ships fuel, which is making a getaway impossible. Vijay Dhar (Ajay Friese) comes from another survivors group and Penny is taken with him.

Maureen discovers a black hole that is close to the sun making life for them more difficult once again. Vijay’s father and Don get to their ship in the desert and discover there are no creatures taking fuel but Don finds out who Dr. Smith really is and shares that with Judy but not before chaos is created and John is injured.

When confronted about John’s injury, Dr. Smith believes that Vijay’s father Victor is to blame. John and Maureen take out the rover but a tar pit sends them to the bottom and they have time to talk about family issues. In the meantime Don and Victor are trying to salvage the fuel after an accident with the tanker. With all that is going on, Dr. Smith has a plan in motion.

Victor wants to get off the planet because of its instability but Maureen and John know the launch needs more done for it to be successful. They receive a message from the Resolute that time is crucial and Don realizes he must pilot the ship if they are all to survive. Of course Dr. Smith has other plans!

When things go wrong Will is not going to believe it is impossible to make things right, especially when he discovers that the rocks he’s found are an answer. Maureen is in the middle of realizing that Dr. Smith can’t be trusted and when she can’t be found, Judy sets out to find both of them. There is also a reason for the attack on the Resolute and the Robot’s role become clearer and far more dangerous than the Robinson’s realize.

The Resolute has been sent a message that the survivors are about to launch off the planet. What they know now about Robot and the story of it all comes to a head when Will is saved from the grips of Dr. Smith and in a flash the engine aboard Jupiter 2 pushes them away from the Resolute to somewhere only Will recognizes.

Danger Will Robinson!

Parker as Maureen Robinson wants to be part of the colony and have her family part of the journey. She has her hands full once everything goes crazy because now there are others that have also survived and in the same predicament. Stephens as John Robinson goes along with Maureen to leave their home. There are issues with them and they aren’t about to get any better under these circumstances.

Russell as Judy is smart and very aware of what is happening and how it affects them all. Trying to keep everyone medically safe is almost as much a challenge as just keeping them plainly safe.  Sundwall as Penny is definitely a Robinson and knows what she is doing. Serricchio as Don doesn’t start out with the Robinsons but all too soon

Jenkins as 11-year-old Will Robinson is amazing and brings the human emotion to the series that sometimes gets lost in the action and adventure of it all. His relationship with Robot scares everyone but Will. Posey as Dr. Smith is about as manipulative and destructive as any character can be without getting her hands dirty. Clearly this gal has issues and she’s going to make sure everyone else pays for those issues.

Other cast include Amelia Burstyn as Diane, Raza Jaffrey as Victor Dhar, Sibongile Mlambo as Angela, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Hiroki, Kiki Sukezane as Aiko, Yukari Komatsu as Naoko, Adam Reid as Peter Beckert, Shaun Parkes as Captain Radic, Douglas Hodge as Hastings and Brian Steele as The Robot.

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The Blu-ray special features include “No Place to Hide” – Colorized Unaired Pilot from the Original Series, “Deleted Scenes,” “Bill and Max: Lost and Found in Space,” “Bill Mumy Visits the Jupiter 2,” “Designing the Robot” and “Lost in Space Sizzle.”

“Lost in Space” takes on the baton from the 1965 original television series. The special effects give this new re-telling a chance to bring the adventures in space a wider berth. The family story is complex and strained in moments but still the story of a family. The relationship between Will and the Robot are, as I am sure it is for many, truly something to see.

I grew up watching the original “Lost in Space” and it was Will and the Robot that captured my attention in the beginning. Then it became like a science fiction soap opera that was a weekly addiction in our home. Although the characters have had some revision from the original, the idea and the family complexity is still there.

It is a wide universe and “Lost in Space: The Complete First Season” makes sure we are all aware of it.

In the end – danger will find them!



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