By Crystal Arriaga

Over the weekend I realized something, I wanted to share what I think we sometimes let slip in the back of our minds.  Ourselves.

Reluctantly I got my hair cut & styled by a friend.  I had been meaning to do it weeks ago but I hadn’t had enough time, my house was a mess, the dogs needed a bath & my husband could just cut it right?  I kept making excuses until one Friday there was nowhere to run.  I was on her block at a meeting & she said, “I’ll cut it then”.  Crap.  Okay fine.  After she was done I couldn’t believe it!  I’d been pulled off the street basically and given a total hair makeover.  I almost didn’t recognize the face on the hair!  This face that needed makeup!  I felt girly, frisky & fun!   My hair looked amazing and I loved it. We all know how a good haircut can make us feel and I couldn’t fathom why I procrastinated so I could’ve felt like this sooner!

Does it seem as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything for you?  Are you dodging dieting, working out, spring cleaning, gardening, ect?  Well today’s the day I hope you make that to-do list have more checks on it!  Get it done.  Be motivated and just do it!  (ha ha that was not intended to be funny but I couldn’t help but think of ‘Nike’ when I reread it)

Sometimes your feelings get in the way of your to-do list which is understandable.  Say you’re at the beginning of a deployment or in the middle of a deployment in a routine and in both cases there’s a complete lack of energy or stamina to do anything let alone something for yourself.  It’s typically mundane tasks, go with the flow and wherever the day takes you.  I understand.

So many times we pour ourselves into everything and everyone but while being superwoman, try not to forget about you.  I double dare you to do something for yourself out of the ordinary to break the routine.  Without thinking about it too much what would you do?  Get a Burke Williams massage, have someone watch your kids so you can relax & read a book on the beach or get that haircut you’ve always wanted.  Whatever it is have fun & embrace the moment.

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