Noun. 1. An acknowledgment of one’s faults or errors.

I’m an American who loves our country, our military and our Constitution. I find it very hard to not to bash President Obama. He is without a doubt the worst president in the history of our country. He has shown his disdain for our country, Senate, House of Representatives and the Constitution.

If anyone disagrees with his failed policies, he immediately attacks them and tries to belittle them.

He has set back the Civil Rights movement at least 60 years or more. He has created a racial divide in our country so big that it might take 50 years or more to eliminate the that division. He has turned many Americans against the police forces across our nation.

Most Americans felt that Mr. Obama was the right choice to put our country back together. We now realize what a complete mistake it was to put him as the first black president into office.

Now, before everyone gets their dander up and calls me a racist, I was and would have been the biggest supporter of Herman Cain. My choice of the Republicans for the 2016 election is Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina because none of them are politicians. My choice for the Democrats is Donald Duck, Daffy Duck or any other candidates that want to duck the issues and failures of our lame duck president — Barack Hussein Obama.

The first and foremost duty of our president is to protect all American citizens. But he seems to be more interested in protecting all the Muslim terrorists, which he refuses to use the term, Islamic terrorist! What will it take to convince Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that we must name our enemies in order to defeat them.

Obama said that Isis is the JV team and claimed they are contained! How can he possibly ignore what happened on 9/11 and has continued for the last 15 years in every country throughout the globe. I by no means want to condemn all Muslims throughout the world as terrorist. But what we need to see is all the Islamic nations come together to condemn and join their armies to help all the other nations defeat Isis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and all terrorist groups.

Obama wants to bring more than 250,000 Syrian refugees into our country over the next two years. I want to know where we can get the resources and money to transport, house and feed a quarter of a million Syrians.

Mr. Obama said he wanted to spread the wealth to the underprivileged members of our society. He thinks of himself as a modern-day Robin Hood, rob from the rich and give to the poor. The only thing he has managed to do while in office is rob from the middle class and put more than 50 percent of our nation on some type of government assistance. Once you give a handout rather than a hand up to underprivileged citizens, you eliminate their desire to rejoin our working middle class.

Mr. Obama, you are a dyed-in-the-wool socialist and refuse to acknowledge your political or religious affiliations. It would appear by your name and your actions over the last seven years that you are an Islamic Socialist. At least Bernie Sanders admits that he is a Socialist Democrat.

In closing, I want all Americans to think about our nation. Are we the America that all other countries throughout the world look to for leadership or are we the nation on bended knee asking for forgiveness for all the sins that we have committed over the last 200 years.



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