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Coming to DVD from director Brad Watson and Lionsgate is a mystery that needs the attention of MISS WILLOUGHBY AND THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP.

Miss Willoughby (Nathalie Cox) is a professor at the local school who lost her parents at an early age. She is happy in her family home studying history, and literature as well as self-defense. Raised by family friend Robert Thompson (Kelsey Grammar), he continues to keep an eye on her and help when he can.

Visiting her favorite bookstore, Miss Willoughby visits with Oliver Deakin (Steven Elder) and his wife Helen (Louise Bangay). There seems to be something amiss! Oliver tells her that there seems to be something of a haunting in the bookshop. Helen asks Miss Willoughby to help her discover what is happening and why.

Looking for clues and asking the right questions, Miss Willoughby wants to solve the mystery. More importantly, she wants to help the Deakins’ find answers to the looming question of ‘what is responsible?’ and is there something the presence wants to tell them!

Cox as Miss Willoughby is made of sterner stuff. Losing parents as a young child, it is because of loyalty that her life becomes so much more than she could have imagined. Cox gives her character a wonderful strength and an inquisitive mind that she is well known for. When someone needs her talents, she drops everything to be there and that is loyalty.

Grammar as Thompson raised Miss Willoughby since the death of her parents and spent time making sure that the things she learns about are important. Grammar is the just as centered in his character as Cox is. Knowing his responsibilities, Grammar’s portrayal is serious but occasionally quips a line or two.

Bangay as Helen is a woman who is not sure if she is seeing things or losing her mind. Turning to Miss Willoughby is her only choice if they are to ever have peace of mind again. Bangay turns in a marvelous performance, especially when things are proving a bit frightening.

Elder as Oliver Deakin is a man who is worried about his wife and business. The strangeness happening around them is not only in the bookshop but also in their home. Elder is almost as jumpy as Helen or perhaps he knows more than he realizes.

Scarlett Graham as young Miss Willoughby, Giacomo Gex as young Robert Thompson, D.I. Pryce as Wayne Gordon, and Tara Fitzgerald as Diana Branson.

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Special Features include Behind the Scenes Featuring Cast/Crew Interviews and Trailer.

MISS WILLOUGHBY AND THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP is a fantastically fun family film filled with mystery, intrigue and smarts. Cox gives us such a great character for girls and young women to see on the screen. She embraces intelligence but not just from books but from being naturally curious about the world around her.

She also shows the importance of caring for others. Her family friend Thompson began that by taking in a young girl and becoming responsible for her upbringing which showed his loyalty to her parents. Encouraging her learning and love for books, these two main characters are just a wonderful example of care and concern.

The cinematography, set design and location adds to the mystery that Miss Willoughby is uncovering. I actually love the location and the quaint street where the bookstore is. That makes the story easy to become involved and we never want the mystery to end.

In the end – who is responsible for it all?



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