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Coming to theatres from writer/director Christopher McQuarrie and Paramount Pictures is the return of action, the IMF team and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Dead Reckoning Part One.

The Sevastopol submarine takes its voyage and on board is a new capability that would allow it to have stealth capabilities. When an accident happens to the sub, governments go into high gear. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) receives a package and instructions (if he accepts) to find a key. Not given any information about it, he tracks down Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) in the Namib desert.

That leads Ethan to deal with Eugene Kittridge (Henry Czerny) to learn of an artificial intelligence called the Entity. Now it is out of control finding its way into military systems and getting any information that it wants. All the countries with military powers race to try and save what they can knowing they can only get that control with the key which is in two parts.

Ethan recruits Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) back into the fold. Believing they know who has half of the key, the trickery begins at the Abu Dhabi Airport. What they don’t count on is two things, one – Jasper Briggs (Shea Whigham) who, along with Degas (Greg Davis), is determined to capture Hunt. The second is slick pick pocket Grace (Hayley Atwell) who is just as quick at Hunt and grabs the key.

Hunt is on the road again to the streets of Rome and after trying to retrieve the key from Grace, he must also deal with Alanna Mitsopolis (Vanessa Kirby) as she knows the all the information about the key and the deadly Paris (Pom Klementieff). There is a third party to the chase along with Alanna that Hunt remembers well, Gabriel (Esai Morales) sees himself as the dark angel and a mission far darker than Hunt can imagine.

Now on a train, everyone has gathered to get the key and kill anyone who tries to stop them. Hunt and Grace work together to bring down those who would put the two pieces together bringing more power to the Entity.

The mission is far from over.

Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt and he makes it seamless. The last MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Fallout came into theatres in 2018 and five years later it feels as if no time has passed. As Hunt, Cruise gives us everything in the way of action, suspense, mystery, intrigue and more car chases than the law allows. If this is his last time in the role of Ethan Hunt, he certainly is making sure that we all enjoy the ride.

Atwell as Grace ran my nerves into the ground. Lucky I wasn’t Ethan Hunt because she wouldn’t have made it out of the airport. As good as Hunt is with his disguises is how good Grace is at pick pocketing. Given the choice of things, she joins in to retrieve the two pieces of the key and learns that being part of the IMF means living moment to moment. Atwell got her chance to be a part of the action and did it well.

Morales as Gabriel just gave me the skeevies and that is the point. You see Gabriel coming you might want to run the other way, but then again catching people seems to be a past time for him. There is a history between he and Hunt and it is about to get nasty. It is so good to see Morales in such a viciously delicious role. Czerny as Kittridge has always worked my last nerve and its good to see he doesn’t disappoint thing time either. Kittridge has his game to play and he doesn’t care who goes down to win.

Kirby as Mitsopolis is sly, dangerous and will play whatever side helps her win. The key holds power and she wants ever bit of it. Kirby is very cool and collected, even when things are a bit, shall we say, woozy. Klementieff as Paris is a psycho behind the wheel, she has a penchant for destruction and is extremely good at it. After playing the sweet and gentle role of Mantis, watching the chains come off as Paris is so much fun to watch.

Pegg as Dunn and Rhames as Stickell are the two men that Hunt can absolutely count on. This time around they seem a bit rusty but that doesn’t stop them from doing everything possible to find the keys. They totally understand what is at stake but, I have to admit, they do bring a bit of the comedy relief to the film. Nothing wrong with breaks in the tension and both of these actors did just that but hold on when they are serious!

Whigham) as Briggs is determined to be the one to capture Ethan Hunt and will go anywhere and do anything to get him. Davis as Degas goes along but wonders if maybe they are chasing the wrong man. Ferguson as Faust makes a return and understands that the mission is more complex than they all realize.

Shout out to Elwes as Denlinger, his character is puffed up and thinks he is in control of things. Those are the guys I wouldn’t want to hang around with because the target is huge on their backs. He is always going to be one of my favorites on the screen.

Other cast include Frederick Schmidt as Zola, Charles Parnell as NRO, Mark Gatiss as NSA, Indira Varma as DIA, Rob Delaney as JSOC, and Mariela Garriga as Marie.

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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Dead Reckoning Part One is going to be the hit of the summer. It seems Cruise is going for two for two as last summer the box office was filled with TOP GUN: Maverick. Being raised on the original television series of Mission Impossible, I’m think the films have done an excellent job of capturing the essence of that show. This time, it is an all-out feast of action for fans.

Every gadget imaginable, characters that are going to test every moment Hunt is on the mission. Thrills with cars, trains and everything in between are going to show how two hours and forty-three minutes can fly by! Cruise and the gang do not skimp on excitement to the point of feeling the tension from start to finish.

The story continues with Part Two and if Cruise is looking to take another summer on, then we are in for a summer treat in 2024. Get the gang together, get the biggest tub of popcorn you can because there isn’t a moment to be missed of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Dead Reckoning.

In the end – the mission is far from impossible!



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