Our modern lifestyles can take a toll on our skin. Lack of sleep, pollutants, and stress are all contributing factors to signs of aging, dryness, irritation and blotchiness.

While makeup can reduce the appearance of such wear and tear, there are natural steps you can take to actually make skin healthier, rather than simply masking the problem.

“Time and the environment deplete necessary minerals from our skin and body,” says Dawn Diorio, Education Manager for AHAVA, a cosmetics company that creates skin care products made of mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. “Restoring this balance will soften and hydrate your skin, and give you that coveted radiant glow seen in magazines.”

Healthier skin can be attained naturally. Try incorporating these simple habits into your daily lifestyle:

Protect: Warmer weather means bathing suits, tank tops and shorts. It also means more skin exposure to the elements, which can break down your protective outer layer of skin. This season, avoid burns and irritation caused by harmful UV rays and wind by applying sunscreen daily, and stylishly limiting direct sun exposure with hats, sunglasses, and beach cover-ups.

• Go natural: Sometimes nature provides the most effective skin care solutions. The Dead Sea for example, thrives with life-enhancing ingredients with regenerative properties, and has long been a mecca for wellness-seeking travelers. While a dip in these waters may not be possible for everybody, you can use moisturizers and cosmetics that contain Dead Sea minerals to achieve the same benefits.

For example, AHAVA offers a product line of moisturizers, cleansers, cosmetics and bath salts that contain an extract of Dead Sea water and are rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. When applied to the skin, this mineral mix increases moisture levels, improves skin texture and elasticity, and reduces wrinkles. Dead Sea salt also possesses natural antiseptic properties and is therapeutic in helping topical infections.

• Eat right: It’s not only about what you put on your skin that makes a difference. What you eat can make a big impact as well. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish is not only great for overall health, it also will support glowing healthy skin. Be sure to stock up on Vitamin C, which can tighten skin and prevent wrinkles, and omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce inflammation and dryness.  Avoid excessive use of caffeine and alcohol.

• Sleep well: The link between a good night’s sleep and healthy skin cannot be overstated. A deep restful sleep is necessary for cell and tissue repair. By getting six to eight hours of shut-eye a night, you’ll not only avoid those dreaded bags under the eyes, you’ll reduce stress, improve your immune system and increase your skin’s ability to stay hydrated.

Healthy skin is not only beautiful, it also is your greatest protection from the environment. So it’s vital that you take great care of it.



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