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Currently streaming on Netflix from writer/director Jim Mickle is the story of a world that is wracked with a virus that brought about SWEET TOOTH.

The world is experiencing a deadly virus called H5G9 causing the Great Crumble and children being born are something to behold. Called hybrid-children, they are half human and half animal. One father knows it is time to get away as human beings become unpredictable to raise Gus (Christian Convery) who is a hybrid child being half boy and half deer. Gus and Pubba (Will Forte), which he calls his father, raise their own vegetables and survive wonderfully in the woods.

Ten years later, the problem is that Gus is starting to be curious about the outside world. Pubba reminds him all the time that it outside world is dangerous, but Gus is longing for his mother. As Gus grows so does his curiosity about the fence that has been protecting them and his world is about to change. In an attempt to be caught by poachers, Tommy Jeppard (Nonso Anozie) saves him and Gus calls him “Big Man” and lays out his plans to go to Colorado to find his mother.

In the world, Dr. Aditya Singh (Adeel Akhtar), not only learns the signs of the Sick but deals with his wife Rani Singh (Aliza Vellani) having gone through it and now he is trying to save her. Trying to hide it from everyone, they gone on with their lives the best way they can. As Gus and Big Man travel together, they meet Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen) and through a series of events begins to travel with them.

Aimee Eden (Dania Ramirez) makes a home for herself in the local zoo and raises daughter Wendy (Naledi Murray) who is also a hybrid-child. Trying to create a safe space for hybrids is making it easier for General Abbot (Neil Sandilands) to find any hybrid-children. As he looks for anyone who knows about a potential cure for the Sick, he takes Dr. Singh and his wife and his wife to a place where he can work.

They are all intertwined in a world that is unsettling and dangerous.

Convery as Gus is absolutely stunning, charming and a delight to watch. It is a challenge for any actor to play something different but in Convery’s case it is different in so many ways. Playing a deer (who loves sweets hence the name Sweet Tooth), he gives Gus all the characteristics of a deer and not just the look about him. He is curious, has a look when he hears or smells something, and these are all to the characters advantage. I love the fire of Gus and Convery is responsible for that. Well done young man.

Anozie as Big Man is the perfect person to look after Gus even though that was never in his original plans. He has his own story to tell that is just as shocking as what has happened to Gus. As the two travel together, they learn from one another and Anozie becomes more and more protective of Gus. At first it is merely to point him in the direction of Colorado and send the little bother on his way – but it changes with each stop they make. Anozie allows his character to be who he is and then remember what it is like to care for someone. He is strong, grumpy and quietly caring and I like it very much.

Akhtar as Dr. Singh is completely taken by surprise at the Sick and feels guilty when his wife comes down with it. He makes it his mission to keep her alive and also keep the neighbors at bay with their questions about how he can help the masses. From the first moment we meet his character there is so much about him that can be intense one moment and flighty the next, especially when he discovers the truth about the lab and the hybrid-children. I expect the second season to tell more about his story.

Owen as Bear is a strong girl who has brought a group of likeminded kids and teens together to fight for the hybrid-children. She sees something special in Gus and when her group has other plans, Bear is going to do whatever possible to save her little friend. Owen gives her character the wisdom of someone much older but then again this is not a world where being naïve helps anything – ask Gus!

Ramirez as Eden finds herself taking over the zoo and making it self-sustainable for herself and daughter Wendy. She is just as curious as Gus and learns everything that her mother has to teach about surviving and staying away from those who would hurt her. In those lessons however are questions about the world that Eden is cautious to answer until she absolutely has to. Murray as Wendy is so dang cute it is ridiculous as she is a hybrid half pig half little girl and terrible smart. Her world revolves around her mother and joins in the desire to help those just like her.

Sandilands as General Abbott is the worst kind of villain in that he can be nice, but you know by the way he talks that there is nothing nice about him. He has a mission that takes him to find Dr. Bell (Sarah Peirse) and it only leads to Dr. Singh’s door. Trust me this is not a house call I’d want to have happen. Cannot wait to see his story!

Shout out to Forte as Pubba, his story is slowly told and it is one of love, protection and trying to create a safe world for Gus. He shares the backstory with Birdie (Amy Seimetz) who Gus believes is his mother. They both lay the groundwork for the story of Gus to give us many seasons of enjoyment.

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Based on a DC Comic, this is an amazing cast narrated by James Brolin that has been brought together to bring a beloved story to the screen. SWEET TOOTH is executive produced by Robert Downey, Jr. (yes, Ironman has a soft spot), wife Susan Downey, Amanda Burrell and Linda Moran with Team Downey.

SWEET TOOTH is such a wonderful series that takes us into a world that, for the past 18 months, makes the series seem a bit believable. Starting with Gus and his story, the young actor gives us so much to be emotional about as his begins to navigate a world he has been protected from. Gus is a very fiery young man who is also a boy who has all the fears of a kid his age. I admit that I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.

This is a story that is like ivy that has intwined itself in each of the characters’ lives. It is not just that everyone is dealing with the Sick or that there are hybrid-children to understand (or misunderstand depending on who is asking or looking), this is a story about humanity and how it handles having the world turned upside down.

It could be any disaster meaning that you can strip down the hybrid situation and the Crumble and just look at how people treat each other with something like a virus – sound familiar? Even the character of General Abbott or “Doug” can be seen as a narcissistic leader being followed by people who cannot even think for themselves and trust every word he says or follow out of fear. Sound familiar?

Netflix has once again brought an amazing series and once again we will have to wait to see where the story goes next. Just do me a favor Netflix, do not leave me hanging to long please. SWEET TOOTH has captured my attention, imagination and emotions for a world created for understanding, friendship and a loyalty that is found in a young boy.

In the end – the end of our world is just the beginning of his.



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