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Coming to DVD and Digital from director Mike Elliot and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the time that the girls have a say in AMERICAN PIE Presents: Girls’ Rules.

It is senior year and best friends Annie (Madison Pettis), Kayla (Piper Curda), Michelle (Natasha Behnam) and Stephanie Stiffler (Lizze Broadway) are making plans. Annie is especially feeling a bit low as her boyfriend has gone off to college. So together they must make their last year of high school the best.

Michelle is the first one to lay eyes on Grant (Darren Barnet), followed by a slam up into a door. Later in the day Stephanie meets Grant in her own unique way on the lacrosse field and Kayla sees a prospect to help make her on again and off again boyfriend Tim (Camaron Engles) jealous.

Annie’s father Kevin (Ed Quinn) answers a knock on their home door only to find Ellen (Sara Rue) and her son greeting the neighbors with a cherry pie. Deciding to share with Annie, there is an awkward introduction – especially since Annie has met Ellen before. A literal cherry on the pie is discovering that she is also the new principal AND Grant’s mother.

Now that the girls have all seen Grant, the race is on to see who will get him minus Annie who is still devoted to her college man. Kayla is still trying to make Tim jealous; Michelle is making her moves but feeling strange about it all and Stephanie decides to enlist the help of childhood friend Emmett.

But all of this is about to get twisted, turned and bring about realizations that can only be found in the mess we call senior year!

Pettis as Annie is a sweet young girl who knows what she wants but sees it one way in her head when reality is telling her something quite different. Watching her friends go through their craziness, she develops a friendship with Grant, and they enjoy each other’s company. Pettis is believable as Annie and charming.

Broadway as Stephanie Stifler has an iconic name to live up to and – she does just that. Fast witted dripping with bits of sarcasm mixed with fast talk, I have to say that I absolutely loved Broadway in this role. Behnam as Michelle is a very smart young woman when it comes to books but not as smart when it comes with how to deal with love. She is endearing and that’s everything. Curda as Kayla has a bit of a problem with jealousy and when the boyfriend pushes her to far, she goes all out in making sure he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Barnet as Grant is a young man who is polite which is mistaken for crushing on each of the girls. There is one that he genuinely does like but it is an uphill battle to get there. Barnet’s performance gives high school girls everywhere a smile thinking they can meet their own Grant.

Gordon as Emmett is so sweet and amazing because it is clear who he has eyes for but that does not stop him from helping Stephanie with her goal of getting Grant. Quinn as Dad Kevin gets to pair up with Rue as principal Ellen and it is hilarious.

Other cast include: Lucas Adams as McCormick, Lily Andrew as Meredith, Barry Bostwick as PeePaw, Clint Howard as Joe, Rasheda Crockett as Rose, Lisa Linke as Mrs. Sawyer, Jeannie Mai as Lily, Stephanie Wong as Misty, Blayne Weaver as Mr. Sawyer and Danny Trejo as Mr. Garcia the Janitor.

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AMERICAN PIE Presents: Girls’ Rules is everything that one would expect from the iconic AMERICAN PIE of 1999. Filled with teen angst, teen issues, teen rebellion, and teen hormones, this film raises the bar slightly in that it is the girls turn to have a say in all of it.

The film is funny and gives us the charm while runs down the edge of covering our eyes. The parents do not want to see their kids and the kids do not want to see their parents in those intimate situations and that brings even more giggles.

So, prepare to go back to school and join in their senior year because, let’s be honest, we’ve all been there done that.

In the end – it is their time to make the rules!



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