I couldn’t, I wouldn’t and flat out I didn’t want to. I was always going to be overweight, I was always going to have stretch marks, and I was always going to be a busy mom. Why bother. Only I knew my driver’s license weight was off by 100 pounds and had been for over six years!

This was me!

Age: 25, 4 kids, and over 100+ lbs. overweight.

In January 2011 after being turned down for being “too fat to sky dive,” I knew I needed to finally take real control of my life. I was 25 years old, 5’7’’, 263+ lbs., a 42ddd, 3xl and 20+ jeans. Married, four children and hadn’t ran a mile since PE in the 8th grade. Owning a bathing suit was a foreign concept, and playing at the park meant social networking on my phone in eyesight of my children.

I had spent years being overweight, not active, heavy set, insecure, emotional, and in sheer denial. I had no idea what to do. I started off walking, every day. I chose a destination and made it there and back two to eight miles. I started tracking what I ate. I completely stopped purchasing all my trigger foods. That meant no dessert, no cheese, no bread, and no luxuries until I learned self-control. I won’t lie, the transition was hard. The realization of how bad my favorite foods were for me, shocking. The “you just need healthy food and exercise” statements, were frustrating. The gym sucked, exercise sucked, food sucked, water sucked. YES I AM SO SELLING YOU ON THIS RIGHT? It sucked because it was a foreign concept for my body. I told myself “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.” Just outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. I pushed through. I started eating clean, food journaling, weighing daily, and exercising whenever possible. I mean that! Squats while you are cooking dinner count! Once my body figured it out and got on program, change was possible. The pounds started to come off. The inches lost was insane. I knew that I was earning this!

I lost 40 lbs. on my own sheer walking and food editing. After that I joined a team with Team BeachBody. This is where I learned about proper exercise, what my body needed and what results came from each exercise. I learned about all the nutrients my body needed and the super foods to empower it. I lost 100 lbs. in 8 months. I was unstoppable! By the 12th month marker I had shed 120 lbs!

I lost 120lbs in 2011.
I lost over 10 jean sizes.
I embraced weight training.
I love to exercise.
I love healthy food.
I drink water daily.

I just passed the two-year marker of when I started. I have maintained my weight loss. I still work out daily, eat right, and now this lifestyle has changed me. I coach others on how to live active, healthy, and fit! This is now my passion, and my children will never remember the “mom” I used to be. You have to be ready for change, to make change. You have to realize that short cuts don’t work, that diets are temporary and that an occasional brownie will make you sane. This is a lifestyle change for a longer life. Are you ready?

Embrace your change. Join me.

Jessamyn Patterson
Health and Fitness Coach
Email: Jessamynleesha@yahoo.com



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