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Coming to 4K, Bluray and DVD and currently on Digital from director Paul Greengrass and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the journey that is filled with NEWS OF THE WORLD.

It is 1870’s Texas as Confederate Army 3rd Texas Infantry Captain Jefferson Kidd (Tom Hanks) has a new career going from town-to-town reading newspapers for townsfolk who donate ten cents. He is well received as the news of the world brings so much to those who live in relative seclusion.

After one such reading, Captain Kidd is on the road again and comes upon an overturned wagon. In the tree is a man hanging and in the bushes he finds a very defiant young girl. Finding papers that identify her as Johanna (Helena Zengel), it is twist that this young blonde-haired blue-eyed girl is wearing the clothing of the indigenous people and has lost her family.

Told to take her to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, they let the Captain know that no one can care for her for months. He decides that it is his responsibility to make sure that Johanna is taken to next of kin. There are those who see it another way and want Johanna for themselves. That is their first encounter with problems and Johanna begins to understand that the Captain is protecting her.

Their journey is arduous, perilous and yet Captain Kidd and Johanna begin to understand one another and with each new day they help one another survive human and mother nature. A bond forms that is difficult to break once Johanna meets her next of kin. She is a child of two worlds, and he must decide which will bring her joy.

Hanks as Captain Kidd has once again turned in a touching performance that does not allow for a moments peace without heart string pulling. As this character he has a past of war pain and what was waiting for him when he returned. Trying to stay away from it all, he keeps busy on the road making others informed and even happy with the stories he reads. I would expect nothing less from Hanks than the performance he gives us as Captain Kidd. He is intelligent, crafty and has the heart to protect someone he does not even know. Just a beautiful character brought to life by Hanks.

Zengel as Johanna, in this performance, has already shown the wide range needed for such a young actress. She gives her character heart, fierceness and shares the same ability to think quickly through a problem for answers that save them both. What most would see as defiant, I see as a young girl trying to understand where she fits in because she truly is a child of two worlds. Zengel is a talent to be watched and appreciated in the years to come.

Other cast include: Michael Covino as J.G. Almay, Fred Hechinger as John Calley, Neil Sandilands as Wilhelm Leonberger, Thomas Francis Murphy as Merritt Farley, Ray McKinnon as Simon Boudlin, Mare Winningham as Doris Boudlin, Elizabeth Marvel as Ella Gannett, Chukwudi Iwuji as Charles Edgefield and Bill Camp as Willie Branholme.

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Bonus Features on 4K, Bluray, DVD and Digital include Deleted Scenes, Partners: Tom Hanks & Helena Zengel, Western Action, Paul Greengrass Makes NEWS OF THE WORLD, The Kiowa and Feature Commentary with Co-Writer/Director Paul Greengrass.

NEWS OF THE WORLD is a roller coaster of emotions but focused on one thing – Captain Kidd protecting the young Johanna. As each event happens, his protection becomes stronger not realizing they share so much in common. Both have to come to terms with a past that is painful before they can each look toward a future they could never possible have imagined. Zengel and Hanks work together, and it looks flawless and seamless.

The cinematography is vast and impressive, and the costuming has once again added such a richness to the story being told. Writers Greengrass and Luke Davies took their time in telling the tale through writing and Greengrass allowed this story to unfold in its own time and in its own way. That is amazing directing and powerful.

In the end – find where you belong!



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