By Bob Zimmerman
Veteran Advocate

All Hail the Power of the “Vote”

Common sense by realist Wisconsin voters sent a strong message across the fruited plain, to wit; We The People are in charge. Governor Scott Walker’s win opened the eyes of 50 state governors with his, Don’t-Mess-with-Wisconsin, ELECTORAL WIN. The winning drum roll is resonating on all TV news programs and taking front page headline space in Newspapers across the USA TODAY.

Americans are awakening to the fact that there has been Political Tom Foolery at work in our nations capitol. In elections this past Tuesday across the fruited plain. We The People sent a strong message to the house of cards stating this is America, home of the free and land of the brave known as Defenders of Freedom, and this Democratic Republic has elected to stand firm on the principles and hard work in forming the foundation of this union by our forefathers.
The American voters have polished their political pens to reflect marking their voting cards with their all-American mission to pledge allegiance to this land of exceptionalism, the United States of America. As Americans we have welcomed Immigrants from around the world to join us as one people, “Red Blooded Americans” with traditions that the world loves to emulate, including McDonalds Happy Meal for Kids.
We must never forget, freedom is not free. Many thousands of our fellow Americans have paid the supreme sacrifice while serving in the defense of freedom FOR this, One Nation Under God. As we go the polls to vote on Tuesday November 6, 2012, let’s all think about the fact, our vote is a strong note of thanks to all American heroes, defenders of freedom.



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