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Currently streaming on Paramount+ from writers/directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen is a weekend in the woods with the SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

Ruth (Maika Monroe) and Harry (Jake Lacy) are off for an adventure on the Red Ridge Trail. It does not take long on the trail before Ruth begins to suspect that something is off. As they continue on, Harry makes the big move on a picturesque cliff but it doesn’t get the effect he had hoped for.

Camping in the woods, Ruth discovers a deer that has been killed and it disturbs her a bit but Harry makes it alright. Later, she discovers a cave and can’t help but go inside finding a glowing blue substance on the ground. More frightening is that she is not alone.

Continuing their walk, chaos ensues and Ruth is sent flying through the woods. Couple Vivian (Dana Green) and Ray (Matthew King) find her injured and not remembering anything. They sense something is happening with her but cannot place it until Harry walks into the camp. Ruth cannot get away fast enough because her fear is pushing her hard.

She discovers that the something in the woods is more than she could have imagined as the game of cat and mouse continues.

Monroe as Ruth has a character full of issues. Going on this hike with her boyfriend seemed like the way to get out of her head. The problem is that the opposite happened but because of what she discovers. I enjoyed Monroe’s portrayal of a woman that is clearly trying to enjoy her life but has unresolved issues and now the stress of what is in the forest.

Lacy as Harry just wants to love his girlfriend and thought their time in the forest would be a way to just clear their heads – and he has a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, the surprise is on him as he discovers his ‘human-ness’ and wants Ruth to be a part of it all. He has patience to a point but when she doesn’t respond the way he wants, the true story of what is going to happen becomes clear and frightening.

Other cast include Loudon McCleery as Jimmy and Teal Sherer as Dolores. 

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SIGNIFICANT OTHER comes out just in time for the spooky season adding a bit of thrill, a bit of horror and a bit of sci-fi all mashed into a trip through the forest. It is nice when the surroundings are a character in the story as well. There is nothing to get in the way of these two characters going through their own madness.

Staying focused on Ruth and Harry, it is a constant twist and turn of events. I found myself puzzled one minute and having ‘ah-ha’ moments the next. That happened a lot through the film which made it fun in a freaky cool way.

Get out the popcorn and stay out of the woods!



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