Coming to DVD from eOne and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes three of our favorite crime fighters with “PJ Masks: Birthday Cake Rescue.”

It is Greg/Gekko’s birthday and he wants a cake worthy of celebrating. As Connor/Catboy and Amaya/Owlette join him to get it, they see Ninjalinos in the street running off with it. Of course Night Ninja wants to take away Gekko’s thunder as well as his cake. Catboy challenges him to play a game and Night Ninja only agrees if he chooses. Of course what he doesn’t know is that Catboy has other plans.

Amaya has brought a Giving Owl to Show and Tell at school. When she gets into the classroom they discover that all the items left the day before are missing. That’s when the PJ Masks take on the mission of discovering who is responsible for it. Gliding high above, Catboy hears moths which leads them to Luna Girl who is hiding on a rooftop in something that looks like a moon! Owlette is now the target as Luna Girl visits her home to get the Giving Owl.

Greg, Connor and Amaya are wondering how a stack of cars came to be in their neighborhood park. Well, it seems Romeo has a plan by taking the PJ Masks vehicles and uses a super magnet that makes it hard to retrieve. Using their bicycles they try to stop Romeo the best they can to fight crime on two wheels!

Playing tag in the park, Greg is having a hard time keeping up with Connor and Amaya. Getting to their super hero secret place, they discover that things are mysteriously floating. That’s when they discover that their super hero vehicles are floating too! That’s when Romeo shows up with a ray gun that shoots a beam and makes everything float. Gekko isn’t about to let Romeo get away with it.

These three super heroes always find a way to solve any problem that comes their way!

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The DVD includes the episodes “Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue,” “Owlette and the Giving Owl,” “Catboy’s Two-Wheeled Wonder” and “Gekko Floats.” Also included are music video extras: “Super Singing Heroes” and “Super Movies Dance Party.”

“PJ Masks” is quickly becoming an amazing sensation. How do I know this? Because my granddaughter discovered the show and doesn’t go a day without watching. She also has her own costumes for Gekko, Catboy and Owlette and dances to the theme song with total excitement. That’s how parents know this is such a special trio.

Each episode brings stories of life lessons of sharing, being true to one’s self, understanding how to be a good friend, doing what’s right and having fun with your friends. That’s what “PJ Masks” has done for so many kids and parents know this is a series that they can watch together and have such a good time.

As each season progresses, the stories are relatable and go a long way in teaching kids as well as entertaining them. Parents understand very quickly how these three crime fighters have come to make such an amazing impression on young lives.

In the end — bedtime is the right time to fight crime!



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