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On Bluray, DVD and Digital from writers Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof, director Craig Zobel. Blumhouse and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is a film that will leave you talking about THE HUNT.

A group of people wake up in the middle of nowhere and in an open field they all see a box. Running towards it, they aren’t sure what will happen when it is opened. It quickly becomes clear as shots ring out that they are being hunted – but by who?

Managing to jump a fence, Crystal (Betty Gilpin) makes her way to a gas station where Ma (Amy Madigan) and Pa (Reed Birney). Knowing she needs to get far away; Crystal gets a walkie talkie and hears voices talking about where the “hunted” are. She meets fellow huntee Don (Wayne Duvall) and off they run.

Coming to the train tracks, they manage to jump aboard only to be recaptured by unknown soldiers. The American embassy sends someone to get Crystal and Don and want to stop what is happening. When things go wrong it’s time to find those responsible and come face to face with them.

Crystal is alive because she doesn’t trust anyone and a face to face is exactly how she wants it!

Gilpin as Crystal is stunning in every way. She is not exactly what film goers would know as a larger than life super heroine but damn if she doesn’t have her own way of dealing with thing. I love the way she reasoned and the fact that she has a clear line drawn in the sand never flinching. Gilpin just had me in awe the entire film so congrats on that!

Swank as Athena has a role to play in this entire story line and she is equally as stunning as Gilpin. Her presence isn’t totally necessary on screen for the film but when she is there, she’s frightening in her monotone voice leaving us all guessing.

Madigan as Ma is as devious cute as she wants to be, but I expect nothing less from her. Birney as Pa reminded me of an uncle but not quite as loaded for bear as Pa.

Duvall as Don isn’t as quick to catch on to what is happening, and it is Crystal that keeps him alive. He is quickly trusting until he realizes that no one can be. I have to give a shout out to Suplee as Gary because he definetly making sure to save his own bacon.

Also shout out to Roberts for looking good in a track suit as always and the uncredited Justin Hartley. Man, I love when he shows up randomly!

Other cast include Ike Barinholtz as Statene Island, Ethan Suplee as Gary, Emma Roberts as Yoga Pants, Christopher Berry as Target, Sturgill Simpson as Vanilla Nice, Kate Nowlin as Big Red, Glenn Howerton as Richard, Steve Coulter as the Doctor, Dean West as Martin, Vince Pisani as Peter, Teri Wyble as Liberty, Steve Mokate as Sgt. Dale, Jason Kirkpatrick as Rannnndeeee, Tadasay Young as Nicole, Hannah Alline as Flight Atendant, Jim Klock as Captain O’Hara and Hilary Swank as Athena.

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The Bonus Features include Crafting THE HUNT, Death Scene Breakdowns and Athena Vs. Crystal: Hunter or Hunted?

Here is the thing, there are a few films that I am reluctant to tell to much about because of the plot. THE HUNT is a little different in that it is easy to see what the film is about just looking at the trailer so my reluctance to tell any more is everything that ISN’T in the trailer. There are twists and turns going on every second.

There are also shocks, awes, humor, uncomfortable laughter, brief political discussions, stereotypes, and the film does not care what the weaponry does as long as it’s locked and loaded! The scene between Gilpin and Swank must be the topping of an exceptionally large and in-your-face bloody cake.

This storyline is quick, smart when bringing people from so many different walks of life. Their goal is survival and those responsible have a goal of their own and I’ll let you see what that is for yourself. The one thing that I’m sure about THE HUNT is that once you see it, there are conversations about the satire that are going to be had for quite a while.

In the end – the most talked about movie of the year that has yet to be seen!



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