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Coming to Bluray from director Vyacheslav Lisnevsky and Well Go USA Entertainment is a tale of Earth’s demise and its salvation found in PROJECT GEMINI.

On Earth, a virus has taken hold of the eco-system on the planet killing the plants that supply oxygen to the world. Looking for answers, Dr. Stephen Ross (Ego Koreshkov) believes he has found the answer. In a dig several years earlier, they find a sphere deep in the ground as the scientific community believes it holds answers to save them.

Either Earth will be cured of what ails it or they must find a new home, Dr. Ross prepares to go into space to find Earth 2.0. Not happy with his leaving is love Amy (Alyona Konstantinova) who is studying what is happening and wants Stephen to stay to give her more time to experiment. But time has run out.

On a rocket going up is Dr. Ross, Captain Ryan Connell (Konstantin Samoukov), Frank Miller (Nikita Dyuvobanov), Leona Redwood (Elizaveta Kardenaz), Richard Wilson (Viktor Potapeshkin) and Peter Lehmann (Pyotr Romanov). Almost immediately the trajectory of the ship goes wrong, and it goes through a strange point in the universe.

Dr. Ross does not want to think about what happened but instead to puts the sphere into place on the planet in front of them anyway. The crew is not happy with the way he is dominating the ship and the mission. What is worse is there is something inside the sphere that the crew did not know about before they took off.

Now, instead of just fighting for Earth, the crew must fight for their own lives never sure if they will ever see home again!

Koreshkov as Dr. Ross is a bit of an egomaniac thinking that he is the only way the Earth will be saved. Ignoring his crew, he makes it clear that there is nothing they can say to change his plans on the new planet, but it is clear he knows something that they do not. Koreshkov gives his character toughness and a bit of crazy to go along with it.

Samoukov as Captain Connell does not like his authority taken advantage of and makes it clear that the deeper Dr. Ross goes, the more the captain will fight back. Kardenaz as Leona is another crew member who easily sees that there has to be a way to stop what is changing inside the sphere. She does not hide her fear, anger and hurt in the way everything is being handled.

Konstantinova as Amy regrets not being more supportive of love Dr. Ross but knows that she is very close to the answers to Earth’s destructive problem. There is a connection, but she just does not see it yet.

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PROJECT GEMINI is a science fiction tale of a dying Earth, a mysterious virus, an even more mysterious sphere found in a cave, and all the technology in the world that can not seem to save the planet. There is so much going on that the twists and turns are a little surprising but add to the intensity of the story.

The film definetly carries with it a plethora of special effects starting with the rocket taking off, but it does not end there. The computer graphics and sphere light source are very high tech which gives off even more so the air of being far into the future.

All that being said, with all the twists and turns to keep up with, the ending does not leave any question as to the mystery and a hope for learning so it never happens again.

In the end – an unimaginable terror awaits!



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