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Coming to Bluray, DVD, Digital and On Demand from directors Sung-ho Hong, Moo-Hyun Jang and Lionsgate is the delightful adventure of a classic fairy tale with a twist with RED SHOES and the SEVEN DWARFS.

There is a place called Fairy Tale Island and living there are a group called the Fearless Seven including Merlin (Sam Claflin), Arthur (Simon Kassianides), Jack (Frederik Hamel), Hans (Nolan North) and Pino (Frank Tadaro), Noki and Kio – the triplets. Their job is to jump in when people need it and they did save a princess from a dragon. The problem is she had a green face, so they hollered “witch!”. Not happy with that, the woman changed them into green dwarfs and the only way to change it is, of course, with a kiss.

Thinking that no girl would ever kiss them, they go about their lives. Time passes and in the kingdom of King White, oddly the beautiful Regina (Gina Gershon) shows up and woo’s the king right off his feet. His daughter Snow White (Chloe Grace Moretz) wants to find her father who has disappear and get away from the apple tree create magical red shoes. Regina needs these to remain beautiful so imagine her seeing Snow White wearing the shoes!

Now Snow White is a kind and loving daughter who also happens to be a little chubby. Finding the shoes, they transform her into a thin, ‘beautiful’ princess. Escaping her wrath, Snow White finds a message from her father and begins her search for the Fearless 7 (we will call them F7 now). When the F7 see her they all fall madly in infatuation with her, but they do not realize they aren’t seeing the real her!

Agreeing to help the now named Red Shoes find her father, they all secretly hope they get the magical kiss that will bring them back to their former selves. Meantime, Regina hires a very selfish and self-absorbed Prince Average (Jim Rash) who agrees to find Snow White and the red shoes if he can have her for arm candy for his birthday party.

Mayhem ensues and the F7 see Snow White and her true self and do not recognize her. That helps her get away from the wanted posters being passed around. Merlin finds himself having feelings for Snow White but cannot get past the others who are trying to charm the girl. After a run in with Prince Average, Snow White comes clean with the truth about who she is, her father and the evil Regina.

Soon after Regina captures Snow White and Merlin must now gather the troops to save her. Trying to force Snow White to eat an apple, Regina uses a ruse to get her to agree. Now, more than ever before, the Fearless Seven must do things they never thought possible to save Snow White but are also in for the surprise of their lives.

Being a hero comes in all forms!

Moretz as Snow White is a different character than the story most of us grew up with. That means this version is a young woman is not how most of us have been brought up seeing her. Still beautiful, this version challenges what we have come to know and realize that she is still the same fierce, kind, loving and loyal Snow White. Moretz gives us that in every moment her character is on screen.

Claflin as Merlin is just so dang adorable. From a tall, lanky young man to a short, green dwarf trying to keep the F7 intact, he sees something in Snow White he thought was not possible. He has the same issues as Snow White, thinking his appearance is everything and that no girl would give him a second notice. Imagine his surprise in being wrong! Claflin gives Merlin charm and daring.

Kassianides as Arthur is quite the charmer although a bit too obvious. I give him points for jumping right in to get that elusive kiss and cracking me up at the same time. Hamel, North and Tadaro are a fantastic addition to the F7 with big personalities, talents of their own, not to mention their own brand of charm and just being delightful.

Gershon as the evil Regina has serious issues of her own which should make her more relatable to Snow White, instead, makes her angry and determined to destroy everyone around her.     Rash as Prince Average – that’s Av-rrrr-aaaaage to you – is hilarious, spoiled, a little evil, self-centered and needing a time out. If you are looking for every character like this Prince, he’s right here embodied in Rash’s portrayal.

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The Bluray/DVD and Digital Special Features include The Making of RED SHOES AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Featurette, From Storyboard to Animation: Creating RED SHOES AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Featurette, Start of Something Right Music Video, and Something So Beautiful Music Video.

RED SHOES AND THE SEVEN DWARFS is just what the family ordered during this period where we all have to spend a lot more time together. It’s fun, colorful, full of adventure, friendship, loyalty and all those crazy images we have about ourselves and how people see us.

What makes this film equally important is that besides the awesome entertainment, this film is a great way to teach the lesson about how we all look says nothing about who we truly are. The fears each of these characters face, and yes, even Arthur has a moment or two of doubt, is an important lesson about the loss of time with those we love when overwhelmed with self-doubt.

Plan a movie night at home and make sure that RED SHOES AND THE SEVEN DWARFS are ready for your big screen!

In the end – your true self is the fairest of them all!



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