Right, far right… AND DEAD RIGHT

After the last issue of the Military Press, I received a voice mail from a gentleman claiming he was a member of the VFW. He said I was so far right that the Military Press was a joke. He went on to mumble a bunch of useless BS, and I listened, but tuned him out after his initial sentence.

The majority of phone calls and letters we receive support the Military Press editorial written by me, the publisher, Richard Matz. I respect everyone’s choice of free speech, but that doesn’t mean I agree or disagree.

My feelings, along with the majority of people in the United States, are that we have been let down by both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, and George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. It seems that they are all playing games with the future welfare and security of the United States.

They answer to their cronies and lobbyists, and are making a mockery out of our two-party system. There is only one party today and that party should be called THE INCAPABLE PARTY of THE UNITED STATES.

Whether the Democrats and Republicans either hate each other or they are in bed together, they have proven to us that during the last 16 years America is no longer seen as the leading country of the world.

Our streets are no longer paved of gold, they are paved with illegal immigrants, broken promises, loss of jobs, 50 percent of our population on some form of welfare and large companies and corporations moving to foreign countries because of our ridiculous taxation on them and the middle class.

I read a story by Sen. Lindsey Graham about his disbelief that Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are leading in the Republican polls. That only shows how completely out of touch our senators and congressmen are with the entire nation.

They all live in their own private vacuums that give them salaries for life and health insurance that none of us either have or can afford. These people must all have term limits and should no longer enjoy the salaries, health care or benefits that they now receive.

It is absolutely no wonder that Trump, Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina (all non-politicians) are favored in the Republican Party.

In the beginning of Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, I really thought he was a bit of a nut. But after listening to him over the last 100 days or so, I see that he has not been afraid to address all the issues that all the other candidates refused to voice.

The fact that he is using his own money to support his candidacy means a great deal to me and many other people in our country. He is not a paid-for candidate, he has no super pacs or companies or corporations supplying funds for his candidacy.

Dr. Carson is a true gentleman and has my greatest respect, but I have to agree with Trump — he is extremely low keyed. In addition, both Dr. Carson and Fiorina are receiving funds from the super pacs and corporations. That puts them in the same category as all the other politicians that are bought and paid for.

We must realize that our country needs to be run as a successful business, in fact, the greatest business in the whole world. We need a president that can bring both parties of government together and make the United States the country that it used to be.

We need a president that can negotiate trade deals with foreign countries and bring our industries back to the United States.

I’m sick and tired of seeing our once great cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, and any and all of our other cities in decay and losing what businesses are left to foreign countries.

This next presidency will either mean the success or failure of the United States. Too many of our citizens are either blinded or too busy trying to make a living to support their families to see how important this next election is. It really means whether we become a country sliding into the Third World category.

I’m sick and tired of the politically correct! I’m tired of anyone that tries to eliminate God from our country. That does not mean that I don’t believe in separation of church and state — I do. But it seems that every tiny bit of minutia turns into an opportunity for the politically correct, which is destroying our country.

We absolutely must get back to the Constitution and not let the president, or Congress, or the judiciary make a mockery out of the interpretation of the finest document ever written. In closing if this editorial makes me RIGHT… FAR RIGHT… or DEAD RIGHT. Then so be it!



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Richard Matz

Richard T. Matz is the publisher of the Military Press. Send feedback to rmatz@militarypress.com.