The summer sun is returning and calling us all outside. The outdoor lifestyle of spring and summer keeps skincare on many people’s minds and few go to the beach or water park without a bottle or two of sunscreen. But high SPF shouldn’t be your only skincare concern – think back to the colder season to see where your skin might need a helping hand.

Cold weather does more than send a chill through to your bones – it can contribute to the aging process. Winds outside, coupled with the dry, warm air inside our homes, tend to draw moisture from your skin over the months. This causes damage that’s hard to fight, as anyone who has struggled to find a strong enough moisturizer can tell you. And the loss of moisture can accelerate the aging process.

For most women, it can take a long time to get skin back into shape. But there are some smart solutions for getting your skin sunshine-ready in a shorter amount of time, such as aesthetic treatments like the new ePrime (TM) Energy-Based Dermal Remodeling treatment, now available at many dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices. Consider these ways to revive your skin for the coming season.

* Get your vitamins. Taking vitamin supplements can have plenty of benefits for your health, and vitamins A, C, E and K have attributes that can help improve skin’s appearance. But don’t just reach for the bottle (and talk to your doctor before you do). Remember that eating vitamin-rich foods can have just as great an effect – so think of the produce section of your grocery store as a new skincare emporium.

* New ways to rejuvenate. Giving your skin back what it has lost might seem impossible, but there are solutions that can help improve skin tone and volume – two of the most notable features of youthful skin – in a single treatment. One new minimally invasive technology, ePrime, is an alternative therapy to surgical options like facelifts. “For people who have ruled out a surgical facelift, but for whom more basic skin surface treatments aren’t enough, ePrime is a good solution to rejuvenate the skin,” says renowned New York Derm-Scientist(R) Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas. This minimally invasive aesthetic device, administered by a doctor, delivers measured radio frequency (RF) energy directly into the deep dermis to boost volume and tone, turning back the damage that’s been done to your skin.

* Don’t be afraid of oil. It might not be so spooky to those with naturally dry skin, but oil-based treatments and cleansers shouldn’t send those with oily skin running. In fact, for those with oily skin, problems can arise from using over-drying treatments. There are plenty of product options, from oil cleansers to oils that can be used as a moisturizer, or in combination with creams, for those who need even more of a moisture punch.

* Turn down the temperature. A long, hot shower certainly feels great – there’s no denying that. But it can lead to not-so-great feelings later, when your skin is dry, itchy and flaky because the heat dried it out. Luckily, as the seasons heat up, it’s more tolerable to take cooler showers, but keep in mind that you should turn down the heat when washing your face, too.

It’s inevitable that your skin will take its knocks through the seasons. Luckily, if you didn’t do enough to prepare your skin, you can focus on repairing it with these tips. For more information about ePrime, visit, or to find a practitioner near you, call 866-787-4980. And when your skin’s back to its best, don’t forget to grab the sunblock as you head out to soak up the sunshine.



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