By Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate


Charity begins here at Home in America, and Americans have been at the fore of Caring and Sharing with a host of National Charities that have been in our communities for many, many years i.e. The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, The Red Cross, The YMCA and YWCA, Good Will Industries, and the list goes on and on. In short, We The People are here and have been here helping those in need since The Fourth of July 1776.

Politicians have a knack for creating special interest groups for one specific purpose, to gain VOTES. It behooves We The People to remind Elected Officials, there is but one special interest group in these United States of America, We The People are, One Nation Under God, known as Red Blooded Americans! An integral part of being American is the fact our country is truly a land of immigrants for all four corners of this earth. America became the desired destination for all peoples who yearned to be free.

Upon the birth of this great nation our Forefathers had the good common sense to set the cultural stage for what America stood for, Religious Freedom was the seed that grew into a nation known as, “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, to this day, we proudly espouse that mantra!

At the outset of this land, our Forefathers envisioned the critical needs of We The People, Unity, a nation of one people, Freedom gave us the need for personal responsibility, to celebrate life as a land of people baring individual thoughts and desires free of being dominated by Kings, Queens, or Dictators. We The People were driven to build a more perfect union, driven by our faith in God.

236 years ago this remarkable land we share today was no more than a land of natural beauty with an abundance of plants and animals providing our Forefathers with the “basics”, ( We The People must never lose the art of knowing the basics, for Human Life Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), provides the rudimentary knowledge to become well educated to develop and grow, in 236 years, this Land of Exceptionalism.

The Wagon Trains that plied this Land many years ago were the only available transporation when Horace Greely wrote, “Go West Young Man, Go West”. We The People would be remiss if we didn’t see to it that all American Children be educated with the basics of, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Starting in First Grade American Kids should study American History and Geography. Enriching young minds with the history of their Homeland will create within them the personal pride in being able to say, I am proud to be an American.

The past 236 years of American History is the Whipped Cream Topping for World History. Our American Ingenuity, is a product We The People produced from the coming together of Immigrants from across the world who brought with them skills they learned in their birth country.

America, the World’s Melting Pot, developed our American Culture from an amazing mix of our Worlds Humanity. With awesome recipes from the Old Countries we gave birth to what is known worldwide today as, American Style Food. Yet today in America some of our favorite foods remain Ethnic, i.e. Mexican, Italian, Greek, English, Mediterranean, assorted European, as well as Asian Delights.

We The People gave the world, Hamburgers, French Fries, Sodas, and the All American Milkshake. No matter where you go in this world, your favorite lunch is close by.

If America has an unsuccessful large population,  what they don’t need is a Nanny State. What is needed is, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, the remedy to cure all economic ills.

Kids depend on adults us to give them guidance, that’s our duty as Parents, Teachers, and Concerned Citizens.

We The People are bombarded 24/7 with all that is wrong with America, what is right with America is FREEDOM. We should not allow politics to set the stage for our lives, we should stand firm in our resolve to see to it that government does the job it was designed to do;

Maintenance of Our Infrastructure, and properly provide the National Security this great land sorely needs.

With God at the Helm, We The People and our Free Market Economy can cure all ills, BUTT OUT GOVERNMENT…

This Democratic Republic is the Domain of We The People, period!

The Worlds Guardian The USA Peace Through Strength

God Bless America

In America We Thank Our Troops Past and Present
‘A country worth defending is a country worth preserving’
Major General Michael Lehnert USMC Retired



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